Bringing up Little Neurotics

Now let’s say there are people who don’t completely hate their kids. How are they supposed to send their kids to this sad parody of a school?

Imagine trying to force kids not to share toys. What kind of creeps are we trying to raise here? And no playgrounds? I’m not even going to imagine the hellish task of making a group of toddlers wear a mask all day long. Daily health and temperature checks? Hello, lifelong neurosis.

These stupid, stupid fucking bastards.

38 thoughts on “Bringing up Little Neurotics”

  1. More great reasons to homeschool. By which I mean real homeschooling. Not the pathetic, worksheet- driven, propaganda-laden “curriculum” that school districts have burdened kids and parents with during lockdown.


      1. My parents were in the same boat: not an only child, but they did both work. I was still homeschooled for a year (gap in private school availability)– they arranged with some friends of the family who were homeschooling their own kids, for me to go to their house during the day. Friend supervised my math and science and carted me to all the homeschooler events along with her own kids. I remember we got about four families together that year and dissected a shark. I’d do civics and history with Dad in the evenings. Lots of independent reading. I was 13, so obviously that’s not the same as for little kids.

        what’s the mandatory starting age in IL? Here, you’re not required to enroll in school (or declare intent to homeschool) unless your kid is 6 years old at the start of the school year.


      1. “When is a vaccine going to be available?”

        Not-so-helpful medical advice: NOBODY knows!

        According to the various experts being quoted, it’s either “very soon,” “by the end of the year,” “at least 18 months to two years away,” or “never [because the virus will keep mutating].”

        The “facts” about the coronavirus keep changing on an almost daily basis. (“It’s spread by people touching solid surfaces, but not by aerosol,” “No, it doesn’t live very long on objects after all,” “Masks aren’t recommended,” “Yes, they are,” etc.)

        Look around you. With all the contradictory government/medical pronouncements, people are deciding to believe whatever they want to for their own desired purposes (either to restart businesses and get back to living a normal lifestyle, or to stay quarantined to avoid destroying society in an overwhelming 2nd wave).

        So take your pick, and charge ahead in whatever direction you chose. It’s either the end of the world (or it isn’t) and you’ll die anyway (or you probably won’t). Just get on with it.

        This morning I got the results of my annual physical exam from my doctor
        (who gave the data on my lab tests, EKG, etc. over the phone because he’s working from home now, but told me he’s decided to take his family out to a Phoenix restaurant later this week). The tests were great — BP 115/58, total cholesterol 136, EKG unchanged since I was in medical school — so I’m going to live to be a hundred if my cat doesn’t give me the virus.

        Don’t waste your intellect worrying about the end result. It’s all fixed,anyway, and your wasted concern won’t change it.


        1. “people are deciding to believe whatever they want to for their own desired purposes…
          So take your pick …It’s either the end of the world (or it isn’t) and you’ll die anyway (or you probably won’t).

          True, but these choices are not being made in an environment where information is freely available and open debate is allowed. There is a relentless campaign of fear being waged by public health bureaucrats threatening death to those who don’t do-do-do whatever they say-say-say. The media is their megaphone for both commercial and ideological reasons. Lists like the ones above have the effect/purpose of scaring parents/teachers and encouraging societal compliance to bureaucratic authority.


      2. “When is a vaccine…”

        Very droll response… thanks for the smile.

        “Hello, lifelong neurosis.”

        I’m surprised that more people don’t think this way. As a society, we’re not modelling courage/stiff upper lipping, self-reliance, and learning to cope with life’s many difficulties to children and young adults. Instead, they’re being taught to hide in their hidey-holes, be very suspicious of germy/dirty strangers, and look to state bureaucrats for answers to life’s problems.


      3. Clarissa and others, in reply to the availability of a vaccine: It is simply a rapidly mutating coronavirus, of which the many and undocumented strains are endemic to human and some animal populations. And it is the causal agent of many common colds (some rhinovirus, but coronavirus is a big one).

        There will NEVER be a vaccine, any more than there is an effective vaccine for each new “novel influenza” winter flu season. Or a vaccine for the common cold. Illness is a part of life. The current SARS-CoV-2 contagion, as other SARS coronavirus conditions, will go away on its own.
        I don’t mean for my comment to sound harsh, and I hope it isn’t taken that way, but golly has the world gone insane beyond belief.


        1. No, your comment is absolutely right. This is what I fear, too. Waiting for a vaccine that is probably never coming is a huge mistake.

          I agree with what you say completely. This is an illness whose effects can be mitigated in the susceptible populations but dismantling all of society and waiting for a vaccine is a mistake.


        2. Nevertheless, I apologize for having posted this to the wrong thread. This was a thread about school craziness and how parents cope. I thought I was posting to one the generic “Covid” threads.
          So – Parents proceed! Your courage at bringing up kids today is admirable, remarkable.


  2. There won’t necessarily be masks for toddlers and preschoolers. Our daughter’s daycare in CA is reopening on June 1st (with reduced numbers of children), and takes children from 6 months up to kindergarten. They specifically state that the children will not be wearing masks (unless a parent desires it and, even so, they reserve the right to remove the mask if the child is constantly touching it). This list of guidelines does make me very sad though 😦


  3. That list is completely misleading. The list comes from here:

    First of all, the linked document is “interim guidance.” It’s for schools and day cares that are currently still open, as shown by “Step 1: Schools that are currently closed, remain closed.” It is not about opening in the fall.

    Second, the CDC publication says: “Face coverings should be worn by staff and encouraged in students (particularly older students) if feasible and are most essential in times when physical distancing is difficult…Face coverings are not recommended for babies or children under the age of 2”

    Compare that to your list stating “Wear masks over age two.” See any difference there?

    The whole list is like that, taking guidelines and listing the most strict interpretation possible as if it’s a rule.

    In other words, you are spreading misinformation. Where did you get your list? Because my wife saw it on facebook and was worried about my daughter going back to school, until I showed her what the CDC actually published.


    1. I read what the CDC actually published and it’s what worse than this list. This list is a mild short resume of a very long and absolutely deranged document.

      But you should be absolutely free to write a side-by-side analysis of the two documents and make an argument as to how the original CDC guidance is significantly milder. Feel free to link it here if you wish. I have to warn, though, that one more use of newspeak such as “spreading misinformation” will get you banned. Get yourself under control and you are welcome to participate in the discussion.


      1. Get myself under control? Wow.

        Again, the guidelines the CDC published are for schools that are open today, it has nothing to do with re-opening in the fall. That makes the (misspelled) title on the image incorrect, which makes the whole thing “misinformation” by definition. Ban me if you want so you can keep me from infiltrating the groupthink (I’ve read Orwell too).

        Also, just look at the example I already gave about face coverings. There is an enormous difference between face masks “encouraged in students (particularly older students) if feasible” and “Wear masks over the age of two.” Absolutely everything on the list is like that.


        1. Thank you for adopting a more reasonable tone. I appreciate that.

          “There is an enormous difference between face masks “encouraged in students (particularly older students) if feasible” and “Wear masks over the age of two.””

          I do not see that difference. I have been in the public education system for a long, long time. Anything “encouraged” by the CDC or any other state bureaucracy is going to be adopted in a superlative degree by eager to please rule-followers.

          The only way to make sure that the CDC backs down is by reacting aggressively to the documents like this one. The reason why it has been released is to probe public sentiment. If there is a massive, loud backlash, they will step back.

          Here is an example. My state’s governor announced that he was going to jail business owners who reopen against his orders. The backlash was intense. He folded within two days and rescinded that order.

          We are not helpless here. You are genuinely worried for your kid, I’m genuinely worried about mine. Let’s unite forces and push back against the CDC and not against each other.


            1. Excellent! Thank you for doing that. Now let’s start fighting against the ones we agree are there. Be there five or 0,5, let’s get on it and defeat the insanity.


              1. You published a post based on something that is 68% lies, and passed it on uncritically. You think that’s being a good citizen?


              2. You are trying to pick a fight with me but I’m not the enemy. Your own analysis is that much of this document is exactly what the CDC proposes. Another large part can be interpreted as what the CDC proposes. How about instead of pointless bickering we start fighting against those 32% we agree on? Wouldn’t that be more productive? What will be more beneficial to your daughter, pushing back on those 32% or proving that some random stranger is “not a good citizen”?


              3. None of this is what the CDC proposes for re-opening schools. The F***ING TITLE ON THE IMAGE IS WRONG. The CDC document is about schools that are open TODAY, not re-opening in the fall. So even the statements that I rated as “accurate” are actually misleading because they being placed into a different context than the document intended.


              4. If my daughter still needed to be in a classroom in the USA today, I would want them following most of the recommendations that are actually in the CDC document. I hope many of those guidelines won’t be necessary in the fall.
                So, no, the CDC is not my enemy right now. People who publish lies are my enemy.


              5. I asked you before to get your emotions under control. Please do so now.

                If my daughter’s daycare opens for everybody and not only emergency personnel on June 1, they will be following all of these guidelines. I have no idea what “the fall” has to do with it. Temperature checks, no shared toys, no playground, no visitors, no field trips. This is all being set in place right now as per the CDC recommendations. And that is making me upset because I desperately need to work yet can’t take my child to a place that operates under these conditions.

                Once again, for the particularly dense: I don’t want any of the recommendations that are actually in the CDC document either now or in the Fall.


              6. My emotions are under control. I’m done arguing with someone who isn’t bothered by the fact that she spreads misleading and dishonest information in order to support her narrative of “government bad.” Man I hate this partisan bullshit.


            2. My favorites is the one about physical barriers between sinks in the bathroom. I couldn’t find anything in the entire 60 page document saying anything about installing barriers between sinks in bathrooms. It appears to have been made up whole cloth.


          1. Based on your Healing post, sounds like you’re in Illinois. Pritzker never announced he would jail business owners who reopen against his orders. Yes, he withdrew his rule, but no one was ever going to go to jail with the original rule.


            1. OK, so it is possible to get politicians and bureaucrats to withdraw idiotic rules by pushing back against it? Good. Let’s get on that. I’m doing my part. What are you doing to make it happen?


        2. “There is an enormous difference…”

          No there’s not, you’re nit-picking – and missing the point. Why do school children need to wear masks (and all the other silly intrusive awkward “protective” measures suggested by the public health scare-scolds) when it is very, very, very, very, very improbable that the Wuhan flu will make them seriously ill? What’s next – face masks are “encouraged” in all children above the age of 2 to lower the risk of colds because colds can lead to pneumonia and who knows what?

          Yes, let’s make children afraid of living in the real world and teach them that only the state can keep them safe.


    2. “you are spreading misinformation…”

      Emergency, call the public health police Henny Penny, there’s been an attempted derailment of the COVID “science” train!

      Now… who do I call about bureaucratic scare-scolds who are needlessly spreading panic about a disease that doesn’t have any serious health consequences for almost all children?


    3. Perhaps you should start by actually linking the information the graphic is based on:

      And then stop complaining about the graphic being misleadingly titled when you read this page and realize that the vast majority of “things to consider” from the link above are published here as “guidance”:

      If you really want to make the argument that the CDC is just making suggestions for things to consider, point me to other things the CDC has published under the same guise that have NOT been widely adopted. The fact is, the CDC is seen as The Authority and whether they call it a recommendation, a guideline, a suggestion, or a consideration, most public institutions will willingly and eagerly adopt anything they put out because no one wants to risk a potential lawsuit or being excoriated in the media for not doing “everything we can”.


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