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I was wondering how Florida, with its large population of seniors, managed to prevent massive COVID deaths among the elderly. This article explains the strategy in detail.

I will never stop hoping that Cuomo goes to jail for the callous way in which he acted, causing deaths of thousands of New York’s seniors. That almost nobody discusses Cuomo as a bastard and DeSantis as a hero proves that all the bleating about the need to “protect grandma” has been completely dishonest. Nobody cares about grandma as much as they do about some pathetic partisan triumph.

17 thoughts on “COVID Link of the Day”

  1. I’m happy with DeSantis’ decisions so far, including on COVID… but I admit I’m still kind of wary when it comes to re-opening the short term vacations rentals here. I think we should anyway, but… I kind of wish thee was some way to keep tourists from NY and NJ from coming here :/ Of course, most of us wish that even when we don’t have a viral epidemic…


    1. What about the sweet, quiet, family-oriented vacationers from counties in Illinois that have been largely unaffected by COVID (outside of two nursing homes)?

      Asking for a friend. :-)))))


      1. Oh, y’all are always welcome 😉 The problem with the NY/NJ crowd is that they’re awful drivers, they have no manners, and once they’ve vacationed here a few times, they often decide to retire here… and then they screw up our elections!


      2. “sweet, quiet, family-oriented vacationers from counties in Illinois”

        Well…. where I grew up all northerners (tourists, transplants or snowbirds) were loathed on principle (snowbirds most of all) though exceptions could and were made for individuals… I always take this into account when vacationing myself.
        Not many from Illinois in SW Florida though, the most hated states were Ohio and Michigan (that was a bit before arrivals from New York/Jersey started showing up – of course they quickly became the most hated).

        Canadians were a separate thing… when I worked at a newspaper a local woman came into the office once and had us spellbound with tales of nefarious goings on at the Canadian owned housing development she had just been let go from (someone looked a bit into it but nothing she said could be verified and so nothing ever came of it storywise though it did brighten up the afternoon).


        1. We used to have a whole genre of Canadian Snowbird stories– they were legendarily cheap. People who worked in retail would report that snowbirds would come at the beginning of winter, buy bicycles and kitchen dishes from their department store, use them all winter, and then return them at the end of the season! The Ohio people we get here are mostly college students, so they get lumped in with all the other drunk college student awfulness– falling off balconies, going skinny dipping at night and drowning, continually getting chased out of the public swimming pools where they were getting amorous… ick.

          Really, if you live here, normal families-with-kids taking normal family vacations are the best possible tourist demographic.


          1. “Canadians were a separate thing…” “We used to have a whole genre of Canadian Snowbird stories…”

            I have no interest in holding up the honour of my tribe as Canadians can be as dumb as rocks, as obnoxious as Germans in Greece, and as mean as ugly Americans anywhere. Some Canadians are v. nice and super polite, like me.

            When I was growing up the stories were legendary of Americans turning up in mid-summer at our border crossings near the Niagara Peninsula – they grow peaches there, for real – with skis on top of their cars looking for snow. True or urban myth, it dependably gave the locals a real hee-haw.

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      3. If Florida doesn’t work out, you could always consider driving your car north for our three weeks of summer.

        Oopsy, forgot, absolutely no cars allowed through the Canada-U.S. border because of COVID travel restrictions. So you’d have to fire up your private jet, people who travel that way are allowed into the country. Oh, yes, you read that right – different strokes for different kinds of folks. Don’t you just love our ruling class??


          1. Needless to say, this is an unadvertised feature. I first learned of it yesterday in a sports radio discussion of re-starting NHL hockey (what else!) It was said that even though there is a complete travel ban, the private jets employed by teams would be assessed on a “case-by-case basis… it all depends what your business is for…” etc. etc. wink, nod.



  2. Closing nursing homes was the first thing DeWine did and I’m thankful for it. My priority through all of this has always been to protect the elderly, which is why “eh, it’s only killing old people, this is all a waste of time” was always a callous and evil argument to me. But when people make an outward show of action while failing to protect the elderly, like Cuomo, what was it all for? I agree that Cuomo should be rotting in prison.

    Meanwhile in Sweden:


    1. This is largely because Sweden had already been allowing “passive euthanasia” for the past decade. This didn’t raise a ruckus, because it had become a fairly standard course of “care” long before COVID-19 showed up.

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      1. Yes! Only the tip of the iceberg with Sweden.

        People point out that Sweden has a higher coronavirus death rate than neighboring Nordic countries, and it’s generally blamed broadly on them not shutting down anything. However, I’m curious about what action they took when it came to the protecting the elderly specifically, vs. neighboring countries.


        1. “specifically, vs. neighboring countries…”

          Yes, we need more real journalism and far less politics. Sweden COVID story of the week is that “Sweden becomes country with highest coronavirus death rate per capita.” Turns out this breathless report only covers the last week – “However, Sweden has only had the highest death rate over the past week, with Belgium, Spain, Italy, the UK and France, still ahead over the entire course of the pandemic.”


          1. When I say neighboring countries, I was specifically referring to Nordic countries, not all of Europe. Italy is nowhere near Sweden.


            1. Understood. But I would like to see more actual reporting on reasons for the relative differences in death rates between the Nordic countries. I know there is a feeling in Sweden that LTC units were not properly isolated when that should have been job #1 – just like in Canada and the US. Left-wing reporting on Sweden begins and ends with the comparison to her Nordic neighbours in order to make Sweden’s less strict lock-down look like a failure – that’s just cheap politics because the real question is whether or not the strict lock-down craze actually saved lives and on that Sweden seems to show that it didn’t by comparison to some other European countries.

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              1. I don’t think it’s easy to compare a country like Sweden to a country like Italy because they are so different culturally. In Italy people hug and kiss each other all the time, for example. But I do think there could be reasons other than the lockdown that lead to different outcomes in Sweden vs. other Nordic countries.


  3. Yes, there are many variables that account for different death rates in different countries. When all is said and done, however, Sweden without a strict lock-down has considerably fewer deaths than many jurisdictions in Europe and the United States who had strict lock-downs. All the nit-picking quibbles in the world can’t erase that reality.


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