Cute Kid Bon Mots

“I don’t want to wear a pair of pants today,” Klara informs me. “I want to wear a pair of skirts.”


“Talking about sardines,” she says a propos of nothing, “I feel like eating some cheesy puffs.”

2 thoughts on “Cute Kid Bon Mots”

  1. I love the kiddie Klara vignettes, as I’ve said. Reminds us of our second round of small children, the grand-kids who are now in college ( or would be, if their colleges were open). So, when Klara went on the 2 hour walk around the neighbourhood with her father “N” — as you wrote a few days ago, did she demand to ride in the baby carriage – again? If so, I’m sure that would be something to talk to the neighbours with (or them to talk about :-)))

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    1. We use that stroller a lot these days. 🙂 This is one of the benefits of being an old parent. You don’t care how you look or what others think.

      Actually, I used a baby stroller when I was 4, too. So it runs in the family. :-)))


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