I Was Right About Whitmer

Please remember that I told you Gretchen Whitmer was angling for the position of Biden’s veep pick long before you knew her name.

And it turns out I was right.

The way I knew is because she started lying about Trump victimizing her in sexist ways. (This was before Tara Reade’s allegations finally became widely known, of course.) Since then, Whitmer has been the most unreasonable and fanatical quarantiner. She’s neither dumb not delusional, so she could only have been doing all that crazy stuff (and wearing dresses that are two sizes to small) to make herself sellable to Biden.

Well, at least it’s not Ilhan Omar. Thank Lord for small mercies.

Which camp are you in, Whitmer or Abrams?

4 thoughts on “I Was Right About Whitmer”

  1. I’ve started wondering if the Donks are intentionally taking this election.

    John Michael Greer blogged once that he thought the two parties had an arrangement to pass the White House back and forth between them every eight years. His theory actually matches what actually happened after the Cold War perfectly, including the parties nominating pretty weak candidates against incumbent presidents, and the non-presidential party being allowed to control at least one house of Congress for most, but not all, of the two administration. The data matches not as well, but still pretty well, if you go back to the passage of the 22nd amendment. Its predictive value was pretty good.

    If 2016 and 2020 were supposed to be GOP years, having an unpopular Democratic presidential nominee makes sense in both elections. And Trump’s approval ratings have been pretty low, so they would have to make an extra effort this year.

    However, throwing the impeachment circus, which was revealed within months of being based on bs accusations, and Donk governors actually shutting down (instead of just over-regulating) most small businesses in their states and the assaults on civil liberties is over the top. We haven’t seen anything like this since the Donks pulled US entry into World War I and the Red Scare. Now you add in an obviously senile presidential nominee, which has never been done before, at least not this obviously. And the party imbalance was in fact the most lopsided in American history in the 1920s, the Donks nearly disappeared and needed Prohibition and the Great Depression to bail them out. They are really leaning on the two party dynamic to keep the party in play this time. But maybe their pols know something I don’t and elections with two (nominally) competing parties won’t be part of the system going forward.


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