Magic Is Real in Peru

Perú is very badly affected by COVID. The situation is not good at all.

But Peruvian people are very resilient. One rural mayor broke social distancing and went drinking with friends. When police tried to arrest him, the ingenious mayor climbed into a coffin and pretended to be one of the victims of the coronavirus. Apparently, he was too drunk to do a good job of it, and the police still dragged him away.

6 thoughts on “Magic Is Real in Peru”

      1. No, but of all the places I’ve lived, I miss Lima the most. My son was born there (so he is Peruvian, technically) (It makes all those bureaucratic forms asking about if he is hispanic/latino extremely confusing: Yes? No, but…? I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!)

        Here’s our old front gate, with the bougainvillea:

        The light was so beautiful there. And I loved riding the buses.
        (nostalgic sigh)


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