Unpopular Opinion

I know this is going to be a massively unpopular opinion but I think Trump is absolutely right not to wear a mask during public appearances. It would be enormously demoralizing to see the president of the United States, “the leader of the free world,” as they say, in a muzzle.

Even if a ship is sinking, the captain isn’t supposed to look panicked, yell “we are all going to dieeeeee!” and make a beeline for the lifeboat. And we aren’t sinking. For the most part, masks are about anxiety and / or virtue signaling and / or fashion statements (which is obviously my case, cf below).

Speaking of masks, I tried to smile at somebody at the store today, and realized she couldn’t see my face. It was sad. It is absolutely true that this is not normal and we should remember that.

I’m very sensitive to the symbolic, and the symbolism of the president hiding behind a mask wouldn’t be good.

And no, he’s not putting himself at risk. Just like he wasn’t putting himself at risk not wearing a mask during the bad flu season of 2018.

OMG, I said something positive about Trump. #crimethink

17 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion”

      1. Maybe in IL. I’ve been to my local WM a couple times recently, and mask-wearing is down to maybe 10% among customers. The employees all have them, but a lot of them are letting them dangle around the neck.


  1. “I think Trump is absolutely right not to wear a mask during public appearances. It would be enormously demoralizing to see the president of the United States, ‘the leader of the free world,’ as they say, in a muzzle.”

    Trump did wear a mask inside the Ford plant when he thought he was off-camera:

    As for his critics, why should he care what they say? They’re going to hate him, anyway.

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  2. Probably shouldn’t say this but if I were Donald Trump I’d be tempted to buy a deluxe Segway for everyone on my team and deck them all out with a perspex enclosure, to make a fleet of COVID safe Segway pope-mobiles. Then I’d have the team roll into press conferences in a V formation. Wearing MAGA hats.


    1. Nah, everyone on his team gets daily nostril swabs to the brain, that’s why he’s not worried about himself. I think Pence’s press secretary is due to come out of self isolation (it’s been 14 days and if, big if, she self isolated.). She was asymptomatic.


  3. Masks are good at blocking the spew of respiratory droplets we all produce every time we speak. If we had all gotten on board with wearing masks back in early March and focused serious efforts on protecting the elderly, we could have had fewer deaths and a shorter/less rigid lock down.


    1. Totally agree. It’s a shame that like everything else, wearing masks has become a stupid political issue. Just about every country that has gotten this under control has implemented mandatory masks requirements. It’s a no brainer. But just like climate change, vaccines, and a ton of things, it just becomes an obnoxious political issue so that people can continue to fight and argue with each other.

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    2. And if he had all decided to avoid all human contact starting at birth…. :-)))

      On a serious note, I couldn’t buy a mask until mid April. They didn’t exist in mass numbers in early March. And today, yes, you can buy bit where I am, a pack of 4 single-use masks costs almost $9. The sparkly one I bought on Etsy and it’s $40.

      Even today, who can afford this?


      1. …and even if you do have access to good masks, if you’re like me and you have a humongous nose, there are zero masks on the market that are even remotely comfortable to wear. Add in the summer heat and humidity, and it’s surprising anyone is still wearing them. Mask compliance, at least where I shop, was low to begin with, and has only gotten lower. 10% or less. I hear more people are wearing them at the rich-people grocery chain. Hardly anyone, at the Walmart or Home Depot.

        Oddly, we have not had a wave of new COVID cases.


      2. Yes, it is ridiculous that I’m sewing masks for myself like a toddler on the prairie. I feel like capitalism should’ve solved this problem two months ago. That this is even an acceptable option that takes less time is nuts.

        This one I’m working on is made from an old pink cotton t-shirt with a toucan on it. There is no way you are worse at sewing and pattern cutting than I am. But I know that involves heavy iron use and you hate ironing.


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