Apple Users Beware

Downloading the new Apple Operating System (13.5) and clicking the permission button on installation makes you an automatic contact tracer.

I can’t attach a file to a post.

Learn how to turn it off here. This is until it becomes illegal to turn it off, obviously.

14 thoughts on “Apple Users Beware”

  1. Thank you for the heads up. I got the update already and it was turned off for me by default. At this time there seem to be a whole lot of technical restrictions they’ve built in to avoid misuse and give users some control. But as you said, it’s a slippery slope. Apple has had a good track record on privacy so far but it scares me that all that keeps us from being exploited (ironic, I know) are the profit motives of an multi-national corporation.

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    1. The problem is exactly that there’s no guarantee these capabilities will be turned off once the virus plays out.

      Our governor is hiring armies of these contact tracers like it’s still February. What it is he’s planning to trace in the summer is a mystery.


  2. I mean: my phone knows where I go if I use the GPS function in it. But how do they know who comes in and stands by my computer?


        1. Most phones aren’t actually off, when you turn them off. They’re in “sleep” mode, but they’re still communicating with nearby towers. If you haven’t removed the battery, odds are good it’s still broadcasting and receiving some kind of signal.


          1. Exactly. That’s why criminals who are fleeing from police, for example, need to take out the battery, take out the SIM and destroy it completely. Otherwise, they will be avle to track you because the phone pings cell phone towers.


    1. The technology relies on Bluetooth to figure out whether there is another device nearby. It won’t work if one or both users have Bluetooth turned off. At the operating system level, the features does nothing by itself. You have to explicitly install an ‘authorized app’ (presumably from govt. agencies) and give it permission to use that data. Data is stored locally and you’re informed if a possible exposure has occurred. On Apple devices, the locally stored data can be deleted by the user. As well as the user has the choice to turn off the feature completely or never install the ‘authorized app’.

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  3. “people who don’t have their phones on them”

    Was in a store lately since I’m on the way to needing a new phone…. and realized I miss my plain old nokia (best phone phone I’ve had).
    I’m kind of done with smartphones (should be named horrible stupid phones).
    I wouldn’t mind a phoneish size tablet kind of thingy for travel but not if it’s always going to be spying on me….


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