Social Media in Quarantine

Before the quarantine, some social media started to become indistinguishable from each other. But during the lockdowns, they started to attract very specific kinds of people, achieving very sharp divisions. Here’s what they are:

Facebook is for Debbie Downers, the anxiety-ridden, the panic porn lovers, and the self-righteous who are trying to rat out quarantine breakers.

[Obviously, there are people who have to be on FB for professional reasons like streaming religious service or organizing professional groups, and I don’t mean them by this. But the rest have got so rabid that local mom groups and hobby pages have been deleted altogether because of how vile everybody became. When I go to the pages of my church or professional groups on FB I actually close my eyes because I don’t want to see what cesspool my feed has turned into.]

LinkedIn is for the hopeful and stubbornly positive.

Twitter is for the grumpy, suspicious sourpusses.

TicToc is for the brain-dead.

Instagram – does it even exist any more? What is there to photograph but the inside of people’s houses, which everybody is tired of to death already?

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