The Costs of Panic

The church whose congregants were ticketed by police for holding harmless *drive-in* services, has been burned down by an arsonist.

“I Bet you stay home now you hypokrits” [sic] was spray painted on the building.

People have been driven to near insanity by the relentless panic-mongering.

5 thoughts on “The Costs of Panic”

  1. Maybe. But my $10 says that was either a personal grudge, or insurance fraud. It’s the spelling that bothers me. People who don’t know how to spell “hypocrite” don’t get the “y” right, but generally get the “c”… so that seems like a hamhanded attempt at misdirection. Most church burnings don’t come accompanied by graffiti messages at all. Generally arsonists just torch the place and leave.


    1. And you may well be right. The problem is, though, that if this happened to Ilhan Omar’s office, for example, the bleating about how it’s raaaaaacism and how Nazism is already here would be non-stop, irrespective of what the evidence shows.


      1. Only time will tell.

        If it’d been a Progressive Culture Hero targeted, we’d be hearing about it 24/7, it’d be Trump’s fault, and media would happily be judge, jury, and executioner.

        I’m relieved that it’s not– it gives the local cops enough space to work the case properly, without the national news breathing down their necks. Cops care more about church arson than the media, generally.


    1. Oh, he was a patient there?? I thought he was an employee. This is insane.

      I couldn’t even watch Tucker yesterday because he had a whole segment on the abuse of the elderly and I can’t watch old people get abused.


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