Surveillance Wins

A couple of years back, there was an effort to place cameras in our classrooms (at my university, not in general) in order to create “a safer and more inclusive environment.” Meaning, obviously, to police wrongthink and speech crimes. Professors aggressively and successfully rejected the idea.

Now this plan has been resuscitated. Let’s place cameras in the classrooms and record everything because coronavirus! the administration says.

Because coronavirus what? you’ll ask. Well, I have no idea. Coronavirus something.

And everybody is so desperate to return to the classroom and not have to teach online that the idea is not getting much of a pushback.

See how easy it is?

3 thoughts on “Surveillance Wins”

  1. It’s crazy that your colleagues won’t object to this. But wouldn’t the students oppose this? Or wouldn’t the administration at least have to get student permission to do this? Furthermore, wouldn’t the SJW professors who teach “sensitive” subjects want to protect their students from being filmed when they talk in class about their personal experiences or about controversial issues? Finally, where’s the budget for this as universities face a financial crisis due to the pandemic?


      1. Well, if you decide to openly criticize cameras, you should do so on the basis of wanting to protect students’ privacy–that might be a more effective argument at your school.

        What’s really scary is your school’s refusal to acknowledge the budget crisis. What is the school going to do if enrollment drops significantly in the fall and it’s not prepared?


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