COVID Numbers

In Minnesota, there are more COVID deaths over the age of 100 than under the age of 50. Obviously, the number of people over 100 is minuscule compared with the people younger than 50.

This distribution repeats, with some slight variation, from one state to another. If there is a person in existence to whom these numbers don’t scream that “one measure fits all approach is a mistake,” that person is probably an idiot. Or the governor of Minnesota, which is the same thing.

These numbers are not widely publicized, and the absolute majority of the people I talk to about COVID are convinced that it’s MORE dangerous to kids than to retirees. For real.

Banned from Google

Is it rude to ask people if they’ve been banned from Google?

Contributors to my volume keep telling me they can’t find full references for the stuff they quote in their chapters.

Every time when I hear it, I Google the title and the full reference is always #1 in the search results. I’ve started thinking that people are pranking me on purpose.

These are not old people who haven’t discovered that the Internet exists. This is mostly done by people in their early thirties.

It’s making me so annoyed I have to go outside and stare at beautiful nature (picture attached for reference).

Good News

On a positive note, I’m going to church next Sunday!!!

We have opened up this week, and we are doing it in an extremely responsible way. There’s a rotation of groups of 10 (which is why I’m not going this week), everybody is masked and gloved, there’s a special person lighting candles for you, you don’t reach into the bowl for communion bread, etc.

If you just let people be, they will easily figure out what’s best for them. It’s deranged to think that a priest would want anybody in an already dwindling number of mostly elderly churchgoers to come to any harm.

Alex Berenson Deserves a Pulitzer

Alex Berenson should absolutely be getting a Pulitzer for his coverage of COVID. His journalism has been amazing throughout. The guy single-handedly kept me sane throughout the pandemic with his fact-based, serious, non-hysterical reporting. Thanks to his coverage of the scientific fundings, my kid will not remember this time as one of loneliness, fear, and isolation.

Of course, instead of being given to a courageous, serious journalist, Pulitzers are handed out to the illiterate idiots behind the 1619 project.

Side Effects

A local police officer says they’ve never had as much work as they do now.

At first, I thought he meant people are running low on money and started stealing and burglarizing. But he says no, that isn’t it. He says they are getting a stream of domestic violence calls, all day every day. Says they never saw anything like this.

It’s very sad.