Alex Berenson Deserves a Pulitzer

Alex Berenson should absolutely be getting a Pulitzer for his coverage of COVID. His journalism has been amazing throughout. The guy single-handedly kept me sane throughout the pandemic with his fact-based, serious, non-hysterical reporting. Thanks to his coverage of the scientific fundings, my kid will not remember this time as one of loneliness, fear, and isolation.

Of course, instead of being given to a courageous, serious journalist, Pulitzers are handed out to the illiterate idiots behind the 1619 project.

3 thoughts on “Alex Berenson Deserves a Pulitzer”

  1. I hope the quality of his journalism is higher than the quality of his crappy book on marijuana. An academic I personally know and greatly respect had his own research on marijuana egregiously misrepresented by Berenson in that book.


      1. It’s an important subject, but I’m not going to pretend something is good just because the author happens to agree with me. With how badly he twisted the research of the person I know, I simply cannot trust that his book is factually accurate.

        This reminds me, however, that you should check out @post_liberal on twitter; he has an entire megathread about this topic filled with studies, as well as many other insightful tweets! He’s played a large role in my changing opinions on this topic.


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