COVID Numbers

In Minnesota, there are more COVID deaths over the age of 100 than under the age of 50. Obviously, the number of people over 100 is minuscule compared with the people younger than 50.

This distribution repeats, with some slight variation, from one state to another. If there is a person in existence to whom these numbers don’t scream that “one measure fits all approach is a mistake,” that person is probably an idiot. Or the governor of Minnesota, which is the same thing.

These numbers are not widely publicized, and the absolute majority of the people I talk to about COVID are convinced that it’s MORE dangerous to kids than to retirees. For real.

9 thoughts on “COVID Numbers”

  1. What kills me: the ‘science’ does not include looking at the numbers; ‘science’ evidently means the irrefutability of ever breathless anecdote heard on the news.

    Theory: front row kids have their identities formed by getting patted on the head and given gold stars for regurgitating whatever the authority figure in front of them is saying at the moment. Consistency and understanding don’t figure into it. Asking them to look at the numbers and think for themselves is a direct challenge to their self image. Placing themselves in opposition to the authority is world changing; thus, their fear and anger that seems insanely out of proportion.


  2. I’ve never seen anyone claim that it was more dangerous to kids than to seniors. However, the death figures aren’t the entire story. The virus is know among those under 50 to attack the heart, lungs and brain, and that attack may not show up for weeks after the initial infection == and seems to be more common among people who only show mild initial symptoms and in many cases aren’t initially tested. If a clot does not kill, the damage to these organs is likely to be permanent. So, as has happened, a person may take a 20 mile hike, come home and two days later be unable to walk. Rehab centers are going to be busy for years after this.
    What you seem to be doing is taking a number that supports a POV, pull it out of context, and interpret the number beyond what it actually says. You’re much smarter than that.
    My comment to Moore is that he’s got it exactly backwards. We’re angry about the rejection of science as “fake news.” The folks pushing to reopen the country before a lot of areas are safe are looking for something that isn’t going to happen — people are not going out to shop when they don’t feel safe. Reopening is going to be gradual regardless of what some politicians want. Right now, most people feel quite unsafe.
    What the virus has done is raise the issue of how to deal with mass unemployment. That was coming with automation. Now it’s here, and it’s not going away anytime soon.
    Speaking of unemployment, we’re seeing the end of some small, private and largely religion-affiliated colleges. That will push some students back into state schools.


    1. UMSL is a public research university. It’s neither small nor private nor very religious. And it’s cutting everybody’s salaries already.

      As for the virus, I already said that I do not believe you are in a good shape to discuss it. I don’t think you should be discussing it or thinking about it much. Mental health is as important as physical.


      1. No. You’re looking at Fox and I’m reading Medscape, Science Daily, Medical News Today, NIH reports and Lancet. Different sources, different information. In this case, I strongly believe that my understanding is more complete.
        The states will be cutting budget because tax revenue is way down. No surprise. But those schools still exist. The small private schools are starting to disappear.


        1. No, I’m not “looking at Fox,” but we’ve had the discussion of “you evildoer, Fox News something something” half a dozen times already and I already said that I’m not interested in it any more.


          1. I love that one! I haven’t owned a TV in like, ten years? And my rural internet doesn’t do video of any kind. But in the last six months, suddenly , according to all kinds of internet randos, I’m “watching too much FOX”.

            Maybe that is what CNN is telling them?


  3. I think these discussions are doomed to be meaningless without numbers. I have no doubt that weird, freaky stuff can happen to otherwise young healthy people who get infected with covid 19. But similarly weird outcomes also happen with other diseases. The question is, how frequently? 1/1000 and 1/10,000,000 support very different policies for dealing with the pandemic.

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    1. “similarly weird outcomes also happen with other diseases”

      That’s why I mean when I say that you don’t base policy on statistical outliers…. of the 11 people that died in Poland over the last two and half days or so the average age was 74.9 (ranging from from 61-99) (and the overall low death rate probably has more to do with the scarcity of nursing homes rather than great policy or lock downs).


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