Good News

On a positive note, I’m going to church next Sunday!!!

We have opened up this week, and we are doing it in an extremely responsible way. There’s a rotation of groups of 10 (which is why I’m not going this week), everybody is masked and gloved, there’s a special person lighting candles for you, you don’t reach into the bowl for communion bread, etc.

If you just let people be, they will easily figure out what’s best for them. It’s deranged to think that a priest would want anybody in an already dwindling number of mostly elderly churchgoers to come to any harm.

6 thoughts on “Good News”

  1. On the other hand, anyone who thinks they can tell the church Yia-Yias what they can and cannot do “for their own good” has got another think coming.

    We are going next Sunday too! Very excited! Not at all sure how we are supposed to manage at the chanters’ stand with all the rules about masks and distancing, but I guess we’ll find out.


  2. Well, I’m going to the public library right now. The university’s is closed indefinitely but the public one is open. And I’m walking there.

    I don’t really see how, if the library is closed and we aren’t allowed in our offices, we’re supposed to do research. I mean, mine is book dependent. Fortunately, the public library has interlibrary loan and I’ll bet it’s underutilized here. A cheer for the team: ¡Vamos, chicos, vamos!


    1. It’s been torture without a library. I’m hoping that it will open on June 1 but there are no guarantees. The public library has been closed, too.

      And for what?? They are never filled with crowds of people. If at least we could have interlibrary loan with curbside pickup, but not even that.

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      1. If they were normal, you’d be able to order books online and then get them at curbside pickup, from the regular collections. This would employ workers, too.


        1. Our library is doing it this way. You just go on their website, put a hold on the books you want, and they call you when they have them ready. You call them when you get to the parking lot, and they bring them to your car. It is very nice!

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