It’s Coming

A university across the river in Missouri is already planning salary cuts for faculty.

And Missouri hasn’t even been touched as badly by quarantine-a-palooza as Illinois.

3 thoughts on “It’s Coming”

  1. Reply to: It’s Coming

    Compensation cuts for faculty at U S public universities like this have not happened since the 1930s, I think. In those days there were at some universities what were called “payless paydays” Which were, I think, announced in advance.


    1. There are also much worse things than pay cuts. Firing secretaries, people at the copy center, library workers, canceling the budget for library collections, freezing all conference travel, firing lab workers, forcing departments to cut budgets that have already been trimmed to the bone. We experienced all this during the budget crisis of 5 years ago. I’d honestly rather take a pay cut than go through this again.


  2. We’ll have to because all of that has already been done and not recovered. But we’ve added a lot of very high paid administrators, and their favorite faculty (a very few) have received substantial raises. Salaries have otherwise been flat since 2008 or so.


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