Side Effects

A local police officer says they’ve never had as much work as they do now.

At first, I thought he meant people are running low on money and started stealing and burglarizing. But he says no, that isn’t it. He says they are getting a stream of domestic violence calls, all day every day. Says they never saw anything like this.

It’s very sad.

3 thoughts on “Side Effects”

  1. Yikes! A cop friend told me once, that DV calls were the worst. As a cop, you’re unlikely to be able to make any long-term difference in the situation and most of the time the vic declines to press charges or even says nothing happened. And it’s also one of the most dangerous situations for the cop— he has a way higher chance of getting shot in that situation than in other types of calls.


  2. DV has been a major online topic for more than 6 weeks, for two reasons. (1) Known incidents are up. (2) The percent that are being reported may be down due to lockdown and the greater difficulty for the victim to get away from the accuser.


    1. Exactly! This is especially true for child abuse. Complaints of child abuse have plummeted because children don’t have access to mandated reporters, and nobody notices fresh bruises and behaviors indicative of abuse.

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