Happy Memorial Day!

Today I had one of the happiest days of my life.

Nothing happened but we had a great family barbecue, there was a huge rainbow in the sky, I’m wearing a new yellow dress, and Klara gathered a bunch of wild strawberries in the backyard.

The American dream is alive, my friends!

Crazy People

A local art fair has been canceled. A local outdoor art fair that can be held any time between now and September has been canceled for no reason whatsoever.

It’s not easy being an artist, and for these local artists this is one opportunity in a year to acquaint people with their work. The fair is conducted outside in very hot weather. It’s clearly healthier for people to be outside than to stew indoors where the virus thrives. Not that we should worry about that at all in our county where we have about one death per day of people over 80 (who don’t come to these fairs).

Everybody on FB is applauding this ridiculous decision.


Again, a deeply unpopular opinion that exactly zero people share but I think that UK’s Cummings did the right thing and everybody who is piling on him is wrong.

Johnson’s government instituted a lockdown unwillingly and only because the snowflakes in the public were screaming bloody murder. If said snowflakes did keep their miserable kids “locked up in cramped spaces” like JK Rowling keeps bleating, that’s on them. And they know it. They are hounding this Cummings fellow because he reminds them that they bungled things up, and the guilt is intolerable.

I’d feel rage, too, if I had kept my kid locked inside over nothing.

The Cummings situation is different from what we have here in Illinois or what’s happening in Canada because Johnson’s government didn’t aggressively and willingly pursue a lockdown. It was forced to pursue it.

Be that as it may, the point I want to make here is that the rage against this one pretty insignificant guy shows that people know deep-down that they’ve subjected themselves to this for nothing. And that rankles.

And I’m going back to the gym on June 1st. Yippee!


Now that I’m living this very physically active lifestyle because of the pandemic, I’ve had many opportunities to remember that I’m as graceful as a wounded rhinoceros. I keep falling into huge muddy puddles. Or slipping down hills into huge muddy puddles. Or tripping headlong into huge muddy… Well, you got it.

I keep scaring children and small animals.