Again, a deeply unpopular opinion that exactly zero people share but I think that UK’s Cummings did the right thing and everybody who is piling on him is wrong.

Johnson’s government instituted a lockdown unwillingly and only because the snowflakes in the public were screaming bloody murder. If said snowflakes did keep their miserable kids “locked up in cramped spaces” like JK Rowling keeps bleating, that’s on them. And they know it. They are hounding this Cummings fellow because he reminds them that they bungled things up, and the guilt is intolerable.

I’d feel rage, too, if I had kept my kid locked inside over nothing.

The Cummings situation is different from what we have here in Illinois or what’s happening in Canada because Johnson’s government didn’t aggressively and willingly pursue a lockdown. It was forced to pursue it.

Be that as it may, the point I want to make here is that the rage against this one pretty insignificant guy shows that people know deep-down that they’ve subjected themselves to this for nothing. And that rankles.

And I’m going back to the gym on June 1st. Yippee!

14 thoughts on “Pro-Cummings”

    1. “He masterminded the pro-leave Brexit campaign. He is certified 100% pure evil.”

      Oh, you mean the campaign where in spite of being loudly threatened with destitution for generations to come by the worthiest smarty-pants of the globalized elite should they dare to vote to leave the German condominium known euphemistically as the EU, the majority of the British population still democratically and courageously voted leave? And then the remainders tried every dirty trick in the book for two years to reverse this decision and still weren’t successful as the result of losing badly a general election on the issue? Yes, indeedy, what an absolute monstrous monster!

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      1. I have it on good authority from The Guardian that he is definitely evil. Who are we to question our moral superiors?


        1. “The Guardian… moral superiors”

          Yes, got it, yes.

          The newspaper that, if you go back a couple of decades or more, was an actual newspaper with actual professional journalists worth reading, but is now sadly reduced to a clickbait site for ‘progressive’ headline porn.


  1. This is not just a “deeply unpopular opinion” but a complete failure to understand British politics and public life.


      1. Not at all. You are clearly not taking into account how Brits usually handle the accountability of public figures, and therefore your analysis falls flat. The outrage is of course in part due to Cummings taking liberties that nobody else is allowed, but, more importantly, he is simply refusing to do the usual accountability tapdance. So the outrage is at least as much about that arrogance – he knows he owns Johnson and he’s flaunting it. (Johnson has a considerable majority and didn’t have to impose anything. He’s never listened to public opinion before, so no reason to start now.)


        1. Yeah, I saw how good Brits the are at holding their elites accountable when they sat patiently for three years, listening to how they were dumb, stupid proles for wanting Brexit. Such spirit of resistance and holding the powerful accountable they showed.


    1. ” but a complete failure to understand British politics and public life”

      Ouchy, ouch, ouch!

      (My secret decoder ring is telling me that this means that Brexit leave votes don’t really count as actual votes because they were cast by racist xenophobes.)


  2. His wife “developed Covid-19 symptoms”, so he went to visit his old parents and make sure they’ll get it too?

    // Mr Cummings said he realised the family would have been left without childcare in London if, like his wife, he had fallen ill, so they decided to drive to County Durham that evening. //

    Israeli TV talked about not relying on vulnerable grandparents for childcare. Especially when his son got the disease too:

    // hospital, where his son had stayed overnight after he “threw up and had a bad fever” //

    And I am sure the people who tested his eyesight had no knowledge he was potentially still infected. What if they were ordered to enter quarantine as a result?

    That’s what I understood from Internet:


    1. I think he simply went on a trip, breaking the idiotic rules. Just like most people have and do every day.

      But the perennially outraged made a big deal out of it, so he’s come up with some silly excuses.

      The problem isn’t this particular guy but that all these social distancing rules are ridiculous and only silly people follow them.


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