Essential Farmers

The local farmers’ market will reopen on June 6. But only for “essential vendors.”

I’m now wondering who’s more essential, the guy with overpriced cucumbers or the lady with overpriced tomatoes?

12 thoughts on “Essential Farmers”

  1. Our farmers market reopened as a “virtual market” the first Saturday in May, you place an order online a few days ahead of the market and they put it all in a box for you to pick up on the day of the market. They have also limited it to the vendors selling produce and baked goods, the people who do crafts, jewelry, etc. are out of luck.


  2. Overpriced compared to what?

    Do you mean priced like it wasn’t harvested by illegal immigrants paid below minimum wage?


    1. Compared to the same local produce at our grocery store. But thanks for suggesting I’m the biggest proponent of exploiting illegal immigrants on this blog. I always feared people would suspect I’m not really into mass illegal immigration.


      1. It doesn’t seem like you’d be into increased prices and higher taxes that would result from illegal immigration magically stopping and American workers being paid a living wage to do those jobs.


        1. Lower taxes, you mean?

          Think about it logically. Having several million school children who don’t speak English – does this raise or lower the tax burden? Having tens of millions of people without health insurance and accessing state-provided services – can that possibly lower the tax burden? Having gigantically higher crime rates – how does that lower taxes? Paying workers under the table and not putting them on the payroll to avoid paying payroll taxes, how does that lower the tax burden?

          Honestly, it’s like people lose the use of reason on this subject.

          As for higher prices, one could accuse me of being willing to exploit illegal workers if my cleaners, lawnmower and handyman were terrorized immigrants I was underpaying. But they are not. I’m hiring Americans and paying a lot more than a living wage.

          The benefits of illegal immigration don’t accrue to me or you. That’s a propaganda point. It’s very surprising to me that people so eagerly believe it when it’s so clearly non-sensical.


          1. The current American lifestyle, which includes creating billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, our huge houses, huge cars, and cheap food and consumer goods (compared to Europe), is enabled by exploitation – of people (illegal immigrants, workers in poor countries making our clothes and smartphones, Americans with no health insurance making minimum wage), of the environment and animals (torturing them in factory farms).

            I don’t see how it can be sustained otherwise. You and I may be willing to pay more to stop at least some of that exploitation, but we aren’t the only people in the country. The rich have all the power and will fight to keep every last dollar.

            You’re an optimist and I’m not, so it would certainly be better for everyone if you’re right.


            1. OK, I know you don’t mean it this way but I’m disturbed by equating illegal immigrants with animals.

              I don’t strive to achieve paradise on earth and right every wrong. My interest is in Hispanic countries and their destruction under the guise of compassionate colonialism. The idea that a massive importation of illegal immigrant labor benefits anybody either in Latin America or in the US but a very small group of very rich people is unsupported by facts. But those rich people own the media, they own academics, they own journalists, and they implant this ludicrous idea that this is a compassionate and / or profitable thing to do into our minds.

              And by the way, it’s not my topic but sweatshops abroad are receding into the past because of automation.


  3. “sweatshops abroad are receding into the past”

    I think the elites that are in favor of mass illegal immigration are more into personal services in the form of servants. They get off on the idea of people with no rights who have to do their bidding and who they can fire on a whim….


      1. To be sure, I think that dynamic is partly behind the popularity of things like Downton Abbey.
        The makers of that show obviously tried to counter that part of the appeal in part by making the aristocrats so self-absorbed, pathetic and weak, but still a lot of naive observers were still gushing about the period clothes and furnishings…


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