Let’s Fire the ‘Healthcare Heroes’

I thought my contempt for the saccharine little fools who put up signs in their yards about supporting “healthcare heroes” couldn’t become any deeper. But it did after I saw this:

The stupid little bastards are destroying our healthcare system because they saved on shrinks and are keeping us all hostage with their neuroses.

One thought on “Let’s Fire the ‘Healthcare Heroes’”

  1. Grammar medical alert! (Not that anybody but me noticed or cares.)

    The ABC news headline you’ve posted is either badly written or false. “State hospital systems” are STATE-OWNED mental institutions for insane people. There’s no way Illinois or any other state could have anywhere near $1.4 BILLION dollars tied up in its nuthouses (if it even has any left open).

    The hospitals named in the article (Loyola University Medical Center and Lurie Children’s Hospital) aren’t “state hospitals” — they’re private hospital systems that happen to be located within the state of Illinois.

    There, fixed it for the headline writers at ABC News. The “stupid little bastards” don’t need shrinks; they need English teachers.


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