Let’s Poll Neurotics

The university sent out a survey asking “what would it take to make you safe to return to in-class teaching?”

The question is completely unfair and ridiculous. Most of people are pampered, overanxious neurotics. They never “feel safe.” We can’t let such an important decision hinge on the neuroses of the overgrown babies among us.

Of course, I answered that I feel completely safe to return to work today (not that it matters while preschool is closed) but I didn’t grow up in an extremely opulent society, so my perception of safety is more realistic.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Poll Neurotics”

  1. Do you know what other people said? Or what measures or conditions your coworkers volunteered would make them “safe?


    1. We only received it 15 minutes ago. But most of the colleagues are from rich countries, which makes it impossible for them to say they feel safe ever.

      I’ll post the results once we get them but I’m not optimistic.


  2. I am amazed at how unsafe most people I know feel, and how much they keep insisting that if you don’t, you’re infecting them. You go teach, but you’ve also been to some other place, and you are infected, and you infect your students. And they don’t get sick, but they infect their grandmothers and their children, who all die. And it all happened because you went to (in my case, a prison) and also to class.


  3. Well, I do think it’s a good idea to for the administration to seek faculty input. FYI: My small public university will be reopening in the fall on time. Our short fall break has been canceled, and students will not return after Thanksgiving. Instead, we will finish up the semester (one week of classes and then final exams) online.


    1. Can I come work for your school instead?

      Faculty are blissfully unaware of this. I was invited because I’m a big cheese now. Meaning, dept. Chair. :-)))


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