Loopy at Concordia

I have no idea how I missed this back in September but it’s trending now, so here goes:

As always, let’s hope it’s a hoax.

Pay to Play

Remember how I always keep saying that we have amazing free activities for kids that are paid for with our local property taxes?


That’s all gone.

The free activities – the splash pad, the playgrounds, the art lesson, the toy museum, the community pool – are now available only to people who can pay to reserve the whole space.

And we keep paying the same high property taxes, obviously.

Bite it, you dumb proles. We are “saving lives” by letting only the rich kids play.

Let’s Be Like Europe

Switzerland is reopening everything, including bars, schools, movies, etc.

In the meantime, the “let’s be like Europe” crowd is keeping me away from teaching my students face-to-face until the summer of 2021.

I’d laugh at the irony if it weren’t so upsetting.

Don’t Make Yourself Redundant

Colleagues, if you are forced to teach online, at least don’t put any of your materials into university LMS (learning management system). Nothing goes on Blackboard except grades, OK? Don’t put even your syllabi on there.

We are experiencing an artificially manufactured crisis that aims to make you redundant.

If there are people who don’t have the computer skills to find an alternative, I can share some examples.

I’ve been teaching online for 10 years and successfully resisted every attempt to make me out my videos, which are my intellectual property, into the university LMS. Nobody has access to my materials that I personally don’t approve.

And please don’t start with “but students find it more convenient.” Don’t sacrifice your job for somebody’s imaginary convenience.

Some COVID Numbers

In Virginia, 57% of all COVID deaths are in nursing homes.

In Iowa and Maryland, it’s 53,8% and 53,9% respectively.

More state numbers on the way.

Here is a funny anecdote. I’ve been asking some extremely terrified people to guess what this number is. The answer is 1-7%.