Don’t Make Yourself Redundant

Colleagues, if you are forced to teach online, at least don’t put any of your materials into university LMS (learning management system). Nothing goes on Blackboard except grades, OK? Don’t put even your syllabi on there.

We are experiencing an artificially manufactured crisis that aims to make you redundant.

If there are people who don’t have the computer skills to find an alternative, I can share some examples.

I’ve been teaching online for 10 years and successfully resisted every attempt to make me out my videos, which are my intellectual property, into the university LMS. Nobody has access to my materials that I personally don’t approve.

And please don’t start with “but students find it more convenient.” Don’t sacrifice your job for somebody’s imaginary convenience.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Make Yourself Redundant”

  1. Pls. share. I used to use webspace in university account to make course websites before we had an LMS, and also Blogger and WordPress. What do you use?


    1. I use a password-protected blog on Blogger. Every student receives a link to the blog before the semester starts. All of the material is there. Students like the reassurance that it’s completely closed to anybody who is not in the class.

      The administration tried to force me to move to Blackboard but I refused.

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        1. There is no possibility of Zoom for me until schools reopen. I have a small kid at home.

          Before the quarantines, I did hybrid courses where we met once every couple of weeks in class and the rest was Zoom. During the quarantine, I’d record videos and put them up on class days.


          1. But if you can have care for kid while you record, why not while you Zoom . . . or do you record late at night?


            1. Late at night. All the work I’ve done during quarantine has been done like that. N can’t take breaks during the day, so it’s all me.


  2. Some of us don’t have a choice when it comes to the syllabus. We are required to submit those to the departmental office before the start of the semester and they have to be kept on file for a certain number of years. They are considered pubic records here and anyone who requests a copy can get one.


      1. 🙂 That would never fly with our admin staff. You do the paperwork the way they want it done or they will pester you relentlessly until you do. If I tried to submit paper copies they would send me back to my office with one of the student workers to show me how to attach files to e-mails.


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