Let’s Be Like Europe

Switzerland is reopening everything, including bars, schools, movies, etc.

In the meantime, the “let’s be like Europe” crowd is keeping me away from teaching my students face-to-face until the summer of 2021.

I’d laugh at the irony if it weren’t so upsetting.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Be Like Europe”

    1. Yes, absolutely. We will never be sufficiently spied on to satisfy our overlords,so they will never declared that we’ve been sufficiently “traced.”


  1. The “let’s be like Europe” crowd has always been very selective. Almost all of Europe has banned paid surrogacy? Hmm, weird how American progressives are pushing for the opposite.


      1. Doesn’t Europe also have a lot more restrictions on the use of glyphosate and GMOs? And also far more restrictions on abortion? I could get on board with that….


  2. Yes, we are reopening everything in Switzerland.

    Why is that? We had 15 new cases yesterday in a population of 8 million people, 10 the day before. Testing and tracing is working, mild cases are tested and contacts are followed up (without an app).

    How many new cases per day do you have in Illinois? You are in Illinois right? 1000?


    1. Sweet Lord in heaven.

      Please, please, enough with the “cases.” They are a function of testing and mean absolutely nothing. It’s extremely easy to achieve zero “cases” by stopping all testing.

      There is absolutely no evidence that lockdowns reduce either “cases” or deaths. There is evidence that they increase transmission and there is a ton of evidence that they increase mortality.


      1. I can just tell you what I know about the situation here. There is a lot of testing done and case numbers are down anyway. This is why we are reopening now. The situation in Germany is similar. Just please don‘t assume we are less risk- averse than Americans, this is probably not true.


        1. “we are less risk- averse than Americans, this is probably not true”

          In the case of Germany I’d say it is…. not risk adverse but not overly risk-avoidant like the US (I keep meaning to write about that on my blog and keep finding other things to put off instead of putting that off).


    2. ” We had 15 new cases yesterday in a population of 8 million people…”

      I think this is the key number – it has to be low enough so that the pragmatic amongst the politicians (yes, there are some) can plausibly declare a policy victory for their local version of the lockdown and then begin to educate their public as to the low danger for most people from COVID.

      For example, Jason Kenney, premier of the Canadian province of Alberta, (provinces have constitutional responsibility for health rather than the federal government), told his legislature this week that “the average age of death from COVID in Alberta is 83, and I’ll remind the house that the average life expectancy in the province is 82.” In other words, as the journalist observed, “the march is on to normalize COVID-19 as an oldster thing. It was inevitable.”



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