Loopy at Concordia

I have no idea how I missed this back in September but it’s trending now, so here goes:

As always, let’s hope it’s a hoax.

4 thoughts on “Loopy at Concordia”

  1. To quote a band that I have long enjoyed:
    Make a whole new religion
    A falling star that you cannot live without
    And I’ll feed your obsession
    There is nothing but this thing that you’ll never doubt
    This thing you’ll never doubt


  2. My thought after finding the link to the article: How incredibly bizarre? What’s going on in Canadian universities that something like this gets funded? Science is something that happens in laboratories and is subject to review and repetition by other scientists. It is factual. “Social science” in an oxymoron. And what the heck does colonialism or the inverse, whatever that is, have to do with it? All just my HO


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