Some COVID Numbers

In Virginia, 57% of all COVID deaths are in nursing homes.

In Iowa and Maryland, it’s 53,8% and 53,9% respectively.

More state numbers on the way.

Here is a funny anecdote. I’ve been asking some extremely terrified people to guess what this number is. The answer is 1-7%.

7 thoughts on “Some COVID Numbers”

  1. Working with available data, LTC COVID deaths in U.K and Europe generally are about 50%. Interestingly, Sweden is also at 50% – so the Swedes messed up too.

    The figure for Canada as a whole is a disgraceful 82%

    This interesting survey of Italian COVID mortality indicates that the median age of death was 81 and that about 3/5ths had 3 pre-existing pathologies.

    original in Italian


    1. Everybody wondered what was happening in Italy and now it’s becoming clear. Sadly, most people won’t hear these numbers, and will stay thinking it’s a disease that ravages infants.


  2. I’m not a statistical whizz (truly titanic understatement) but I did find this:

    I’m not going to crunch the numbers but there seems to be a non-trivial correlation between countries with very high fatality rates and lots of nursing home spaces…
    It doesn’t work the other way, some countries with large care home populations managed pretty well but all the really dismal results seem to have high levels of care home residence..


  3. Every once in a while I check the list in the local paper of the total number of covid-19 deaths in my county, and it’s people in their 70s, 80, and 90s. Although this is somewhat reassuring for me (I’m almost 52), I’m still a little anxious, but probably because I watch too much CNN.

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    1. In my county, it’s been one death per day, almost without exception, people over 70. This has been the case since early April.

      But I don’t blame you for being apprehensive. I’m apprehensive, too. I’m so impressionable I develop symptoms every time I go to the store. This is why I hate the kind of reporting that stokes fear.


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