Trump and Minnesota

Why is Trump not doing anything to stop the rioters in Minnesota, clueless people ask.

Because doing anything will get him accused of being a Nazi who victimizes peaceful, innocent “people of color.”

And not doing anything wins him the state of Minnesota in November.

There Are No Protests

The blethering idiots profound intellectuals who keep editorializing about “protests” and “political statements” in Minneapolis probably all have really nice TVs.

A person with nice gadgets will never understand a person who lacks nice gadgets. It’s easy to despise the stuff you can afford.

Still the Same

It’s good to know that some things never change.

Even though emergency rooms in Montreal are completely empty, it still takes the doctors there all day to make the simplest diagnosis.

My mom came in this morning with crystal-clear symptoms of appendicitis. It took her until now – so a whole working day – to be told that, guess what? It’s appendicitis.

Well, at least they managed to diagnose. In my experience, they just as often have no idea what the simplest, most basic conditions look like.

And they have the worst COVID mortality in the world in the most “socialist” province of the country.

Anybody still up for a discussion of the grrrrreat Canadian healthcare system?

SJW Chick Kills Mom Page

As soon as the local moms’ group got resuscitated after the COVID wars, a new calamity came.

Some SJW chick joined the group and started posting endless racial-justicey screeds, listing every racial hoax (Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Napping While Black, and on and on) and wailing about “white supremacists.” The poor women in the group started wriggling in confused shame, incapable of telling this freak to go stuff it. The founder of the group meekly reminded that political content was against the group’s rules but everybody got so scandalized by the extreme racism of her “silencing a person of color who is speaking her truth” that the poor kid (she’s 24) got expelled from the group she herself had started.

Now the SJW chick is the group’s moderator. She’s posting one SJW screed after another. Everybody (meaning all of two brave women) who tried to suggest, as politely as possible, that a moms’ FB page is not the right place for this kind of thing got tarred and feathered by the people who are particularly terrified of angering the SJW chick.

Before I left the group, I looked at the membership list. All of the immigrants I know (there are few of us in town, so it’s easy to know each other) had quietly left the group. I was one of the few remaining ones. But not for long. I unfollowed immediately after, leaving native-born Americans to play this ridiculous game on their own.

At least, the SJW chick hasn’t found the local buy/sell page yet.

Mystery Solved

Here in the US, there’s been a crazed anti-hydroxychloroquine hysteria because Trump said it might be a possible COVID treatment. And if Trump says he likes Mondays, 95% of the media will declare that Monday is “like literally a Nazi day of the week.”

What I didn’t get was why there was a similar hysteria in France that culminated in an actual banning of the drug as a treatment for COVID. Finally, somebody I know from France explained. WHO is obsessed with hcq because

1. It’s cheap and WHO is all about lobbying for pharma giants and their expensive drugs

2. WHO is upset with Trump over the withdrawal of funding and tries to stick it to him. France is easily pressurable because of the dealings their Haute Conseil de la Santé Publique leadership has with Tedros.

I personally have no dog in the hydroxychloroquine fight because I believe doctors should prescribe whatever they think best and it’s not up for public debate. And please don’t say “science” because science changes its mind daily.


So remember the tear-jerking story about a 26-year-old resident at a NYC hospital who tragically died of COVID? Half of the country was sobbing about his tragic and harrowing death a month ago.

Today NYTimes published a retraction. The fellow is perfectly fine. Never was sick at all.

Imagine how many people read the story back in April, heard friends retell it, caught a glimpse of a headline in their news feed. None of them are going to see the retraction because nobody scours ancient stories for retractions.

It’s only if you pay attention that you realize how many of the stories that have shaped our understanding of this crisis have been retracted, how many studies were debunked, how many models turned out to be completely wrong, and how many people describing painful COVID symptoms on social media and collecting thousands of retweets tested negative for COVID five times and were referred to a psychiatrist for delusional ideation (true story).

But nobody is paying attention because they already know that this is an enormously dangerous virus. Which they know from the harrowing stories, scary-looking graphs, testimonials from fake doctors and nurses (true stories) and, hey, remember that young resident dying in NYC? How could you doubt after all this proof?