Mystery Solved

Here in the US, there’s been a crazed anti-hydroxychloroquine hysteria because Trump said it might be a possible COVID treatment. And if Trump says he likes Mondays, 95% of the media will declare that Monday is “like literally a Nazi day of the week.”

What I didn’t get was why there was a similar hysteria in France that culminated in an actual banning of the drug as a treatment for COVID. Finally, somebody I know from France explained. WHO is obsessed with hcq because

1. It’s cheap and WHO is all about lobbying for pharma giants and their expensive drugs

2. WHO is upset with Trump over the withdrawal of funding and tries to stick it to him. France is easily pressurable because of the dealings their Haute Conseil de la Santé Publique leadership has with Tedros.

I personally have no dog in the hydroxychloroquine fight because I believe doctors should prescribe whatever they think best and it’s not up for public debate. And please don’t say “science” because science changes its mind daily.

6 thoughts on “Mystery Solved”

  1. The more we know, the more that we know that the top bureaucrats working in public health in the west are mendacious and completely incompetent. While it was uncertain at the beginning that a medicine taken safely in the billions of doses over a half century would prove to be effective against COVID, it was never uncertain that claims by public health doctors that this drug had suddenly grown horns and was deathly dangerous were completely bogus.

    How many thousands of lives have been lost because of the WHO/big pharma/media/progressive jihad against chloroquine?


    1. And note that the anti-hcq crowd has easily absorbed the people who think that euthanasia should be legal and remain between a patient and a doctor.


  2. “I believe doctors should prescribe whatever they think best and it’s not up for public debate.”

    Really? You believe this? Would you apply this to opioids too? I have no opinion on hydroxychloroquine either, but come on.


      1. I’m not going to take a stance on a drug I know nothing about either and I agree that the panic is dumb. I’d have no issue if you just said “don’t take positions on issues you have no understanding of.” It’s a valuable lesson more people need to heed. But “trust doctors” boils down to “trust Big Pharma,” considering how easily swayed medical professionals are. This isn’t about the hydroxywhatever issue (I have no opinion on whether doctors should prescribe it or not), it’s about not blindly trusting authority. You do not generally take the position that we should blindly trust doctors or any other “experts” and it’s puzzling to me you’d take that stance now. You can oppose this dumb panic on other grounds, as you did quite effectively in your first paragraph; it’s clearly uninformed partisan hackery that should be ignored.


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