SJW Chick Kills Mom Page

As soon as the local moms’ group got resuscitated after the COVID wars, a new calamity came.

Some SJW chick joined the group and started posting endless racial-justicey screeds, listing every racial hoax (Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Napping While Black, and on and on) and wailing about “white supremacists.” The poor women in the group started wriggling in confused shame, incapable of telling this freak to go stuff it. The founder of the group meekly reminded that political content was against the group’s rules but everybody got so scandalized by the extreme racism of her “silencing a person of color who is speaking her truth” that the poor kid (she’s 24) got expelled from the group she herself had started.

Now the SJW chick is the group’s moderator. She’s posting one SJW screed after another. Everybody (meaning all of two brave women) who tried to suggest, as politely as possible, that a moms’ FB page is not the right place for this kind of thing got tarred and feathered by the people who are particularly terrified of angering the SJW chick.

Before I left the group, I looked at the membership list. All of the immigrants I know (there are few of us in town, so it’s easy to know each other) had quietly left the group. I was one of the few remaining ones. But not for long. I unfollowed immediately after, leaving native-born Americans to play this ridiculous game on their own.

At least, the SJW chick hasn’t found the local buy/sell page yet.

9 thoughts on “SJW Chick Kills Mom Page”

  1. You could form a new Facebook moms group. The ex-founder, the two women, the immigrant moms — it would be small but what’s small when you have quality discussions? It wouldn’t even need to be open.

    Am I misunderstanding what you got out of the Facebook mommy group in the first place?


    1. The moms group is not for discussions. It’s for things like “my kid has this weird rash on her butt, here’s a pic, does anybody know what this is?,” “any recommendations for fun things to do with a toddler today between 2 and 6 pm?,” “has anybody ordered a birthday cake from the new bakery and is it any good?” Mom stuff.

      That’s all it was supposed to be. And was for 4 years. Until this creepy chick turned up. I don’t even think she has kids.


    1. A group that blocks “a person of color” for airing her racial grievances? Life wouldn’t be worth living after doing something like that. 🙂

      Sarah Braasch still gets death threats by the dozen after once complaining about a very real campaign of harassment and intimidation by two black activists. She’ll never have a job or any semblance of a normal life.


      1. You could make the group private. Someone would explicitly have to invite her. The only other thing I could think of, if that’s not an option, is to put up a sticky post of rules for the group.

        If everything is the same for everyone, you’re covered legally if she decides to complain.


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