There Are No Protests

The blethering idiots profound intellectuals who keep editorializing about “protests” and “political statements” in Minneapolis probably all have really nice TVs.

A person with nice gadgets will never understand a person who lacks nice gadgets. It’s easy to despise the stuff you can afford.

19 thoughts on “There Are No Protests”

  1. The anarchy that you’re witnessing on television in Minneapolis, while the pathetic government “authorities” do basically nothing to quell the violence and restore order, is a textbook example of how NOT to handle such a situation.

    I was in Memphis in 1968 the day Martin Luther King was shot. The shooting occurred in the late afternoon, and the appropriate authorities took immediate steps to prevent a major race riot from occurring. The mayor ordered businesses and shops to close, outlawed the sale of liquor and ammunition, and instituted a strict curfew to be enforced by the police. The Tennessee governor mobilized the National Guard, and by sundown Army tanks and military personnel carriers with armed troops were rolling into the city. That night and for much of the next week Memphis was under heavy military occupation.

    Was the government reaction heavy-handed? The head of the NAACP at the time called it “an insult to all black people” because the authorities “were sending the message that they couldn’t trust the black citizens of Memphis to stay lawful.”

    There were major race riots in over a dozen cities nationwide that night — but NO rioting in Memphis, which stayed eerily calm and peaceful.


    1. This is a great story but it looks like these riots are allowed on a regular basis on purpose. People let off steam, some very basic economic inequality gets momentarily alleviated, and the rioters clean the space for gentrification in their own neighborhoods for free. What’s not to like?


      1. Interesting thread


          1. The neighborhood where there were race riots in my city was one of the first to be gentrified. You’re definitely onto something here.


          2. // I seriously see some hardcore gentrification coming to those neighborhoods.

            “The under-construction affordable housing development that burned in the widespread violence in south Minneapolis late Wednesday and early Thursday was to be a six-story rental building with 189 apartments for low-income renters, including more than three dozen for very low-income tenants.”



      2. The police could easily stop all of this. There is almost no situation in which a major urban police force is “overwhelmed” in the year 2020. If anything like this is going on, they’re allowing it to go on.


  2. Saw someone today call the riots “heartwarming.” Only the most pampered and privileged kind of individual would say something like this. Is this “heartwarming” for rioters? With the exception of a few very stupid antifa people, they’re either angry people who’ve lost all hope or opportunistic thieves. Neither group has any delusions that this will lead to a reordering of society; that’s left for the armchair revolutionaries of twitter.


    1. // Has anyone done the research about rioting—> gentrification? I’d be really curious to read up on that.

      Cannot access those studies so don’t know what effects they include, but the link is here:

      // If you’re so morally insensate or well-educated that you can’t make a moral judgment without referencing a study or chart, look at the long-term studies done on rioting. Riots harm their communities. They don’t reform them. They often initiate a general spike in violent crime. Baltimore saw this spike in the past half-decade. Riots dissuade individuals, families, and businesses from staying in or joining a community. Who wants to raise their kids in the neighborhood where the police station had to be evacuated before it was set ablaze?


  3. // A person with nice gadgets will never understand a person who lacks nice gadgets. It’s easy to despise the stuff you can afford.

    Most poorer people won’t descend to rioting and looting, so lacking “really nice TVs” by itself cannot be used as a justification for this behavior.

    Also, don’t most looters have iPhones with Internet in their pockets? I thought practically everyone has a cellphone with Internet, even many homeless.


    1. I’m not justifying the looting, obviously. I was making a joke about the idea that these are political protests. If you turn on the news, it’s all “protests, protests, protests.” But that’s insane. What are these rioters “protesting”? The killer cop was universally condemned immediately, he was charged and arrested. What’s there to protest?

      We had 50 people shot in Chicago last weekend. Almost all of them are black including a little girl who was peacefully standing around with her family. I’d understand protesting that. But nobody gave a flying fuck. These “protesters” are opportunistic scum. They are using a complicated political situation to have fun stealing and destroying. That’s all there is about but everybody is terrified to say it.


  4. I wonder what would’ve been the reaction, had the rioters succeeded in exploding the police station and killing dozens of their own number. / a serious question

    Rod Dreher commented: “Consider the insanity of this: a public service announcement from the City urging the mob to step back from the police station they’re burning down, in case it goes all splodey-dope”


    1. Trump would be to blame, of course. As usual.

      There is already a conspiracy theory circulating in the leftist circles that the cops blew up their own station to blame the poor innocent “protestors.”


  5. “The police could easily stop all of this.”

    Local uniformed police forces are like the uniformed military: They get their marching orders from civilian politicians in positions of authority. The reason that four days of unbridled anarchy have passed without the cops busting any heads or shooting anybody is because their gutless mayors and state governors are more afraid of appearing insensitive to “anguished and justifiably angry” looters and arsonists than they are in protecting the property and livelihoods of shop owners and businessmen who pay a fortune in taxes every year for such protection.

    As I type, the mayor of Minneapolis and the governor of Minnesota are live on the cable news channels right now, begging the rioters to please stop. If either of those “political leaders” had any sense of honor, they’d both commit suicide by dawn.

    Trump is apparently now talking about calling out the regular federal (non-National Guard) military forces, which can be used for civilian law enforcement under special “insurrection” situations.

    If these raging “anguished expressions of racial injustice” don’t burn themselves out by the end of the weekend, and the local mayors and governors are unwilling to do their duty, Trump may have no choice.


    1. By the end of the weekend, Trump will have no supporters left. This is having a terrible impression on even the most loyal base.

      Once again, Trump isn’t following his usually correct instincts bug instead listens to Kushner who tells him there’s a good chance of winning 15% of the black vote. That’s why Trump has been releasing criminals and hasn’t been able to make a peep about the rioters. He’s going after this crazy fantasy of winning 15% of the black vote.


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