Another Mistake?

Wait, I don’t get it. So it turns out that the police didn’t kill George Floyd? This was all for nothing?

People are way too excitable for their own good.

10 thoughts on “Another Mistake?”

  1. He died because he couldn’t breathe properly with his body pressed to the ground in a prone (stomach down) position for several minutes. The arresting police officers were responsible for his death, even if the autopsy didn’t show specific injuries like a crushed larynx.


          1. They have friends and relatives, and I doubt they’re all scrupulous about social distancing. Sadly, I suspect that more than a few rioters will catch it and spread it to people who are more vulnerable.


        1. And there is no documented evidence of “asymptomatic transmission” so there was no need for any consideration of incubation period, meaning post-exposure and pre-symptomatic transmission, that’s what “asymptomatic transmission” is as I understand it. There was no need for a “lockdown” or any “flattening-the-curve” etc. All the social science statistical projections were GIGO, garbage-in, garbage-out.

          The 30 January 2020 New England Journal of Medicine article alleging asymptomatic transmission (this is the core article beginning the narrative of “documented” conclusive asymptomatic transmission) has been soundly refuted as having really flawed and irresponsible methodology. Both the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) of Germany and the Public Health Agency of Sweden (website May 13, 2020) have confirmed this assessment, the latter released “sources that claimed that the coronavirus would infect during the incubation period lack scientific support for this analysis in their articles” Virologist Christian Drosten of the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, who did the lab work for the study and is one of its authors was quoted: “I feel bad about how this went, but I don’t think anybody is at fault here…” The most recent time I looked, the article still had not been retracted.

          All is JMHO, but is causes me to think of how many people continue to repeat and perhaps even believe the western mass media narrative.


          1. That’s right. All of these beliefs – that the incubation period is 2 weeks or longer, that there’s asymptomatic transmission, that kids transmit, that there’s surface transmission, that the virus hovers in the air outdoors for days – date to the beginning of the pandemic. We all believed this. We were justified in believing this.

            But a lot of information came in since then, and things seem to be very different. It’s good news.

            And our local bookstore opened today, which is really good news.


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