Is This Proof Enough?

When there’s no spike in COVID deaths in Minnesota after all this lack of social distancing and crowds rubbing against each other for days, can we finally accept that social distancing is a crock and quarantines are stupid?

14 thoughts on “Is This Proof Enough?”

  1. In Israel, my mother thinks schools were opened too early on 17.05.2020, two weeks ago. Now there are ~78 new cases and majority seem to be at schools in different cities. Now there are talks of returning to distant learning.

    In good news, you wrote about the fears of less students next year, while in Israel the opposite trend is emerging:

    // Major Israeli universities are enjoying soaring interest from aspiring students ahead of the 2020/21 academic year, as admissions departments record a significant increase in registrations from Israeli and international applicants alike.

    According to Ofra Ash, head of Online Registration and Marketing & Communications Divisions at Hebrew University, the increase in applications from domestic students is likely explained by the combination of young Israelis canceling their post-army backpacking trips due to restrictions on travel, the lack of available jobs, departments waiving the need for a psychometric exam and the strong performance of universities.

    Tel Aviv University admissions teams have also been pleasantly surprised by a 30% jump in applications, with notable increases identified in both applied and theoretical fields of study. Increased interest ranges from 50% in mathematics to 20% in humanities degrees.


    1. Honestly, man. Do I need to do this every day?

      “Cases” is an absolutely meaningless metric in this situation. When those kids were at home, did anybody test them? I’m guessing not. So how do you know there weren’t thousands of “cases” during the lockdown? How do you know that “78” is not a major drop from, I don’t know, 78,000?

      Cases are a function of testing. And of nothing else.


      1. 70+ cases a day. Both yesterday and today.

        When people start feeling bad, they’re tested.

        31 schools have many cases. One / two children become infected and then spread to all other families. Kids are packed like sardines there.

        Am currently listening to news. Tomorrow they’ll decide whether schools will remain open.

        Do you think number of infected is completely meaningless?

        // Cases are a function of testing. And of nothing else.

        The professor from the Health Ministry said that the number of tests stayed the same, but the % of infected has increased significantly.


        1. Start with the basics. Is the number of tests administered today identical to the number administered two weeks ago? It’s public information and should be easy to find.

          I promise that the moment you stop listening to media reports and start looking up numbers yourself you will start getting a lot of surprises.


        2. “Do you think number of infected is completely meaningless?”

          Here’s how I would answer your question…

          I don’t wish sickness on anyone. But a blanket quarantine healthy individuals who, it is well known, are highly unlikely to develop serious symptoms, doesn’t make any sense (except perhaps in mirroring the logic of an authoritarian society like China): the survival rate for individuals under 50 who catch this disease is somewhere in the 99.98-99.99% range.

          Quarantining the sick, the exposed, the elderly and otherwise medically vulnerable makes all kinds of sense and if we had systematically done this, and only this, from the beginning the death count would have been much lower. In Canada, to illustrate, some 82% of COVID related deaths occurred in long-term care/nursing home facilities; many, if not most, of these deaths could have been prevented if public health had taken the proper measures at the beginning of the pandemic to isolate these institutions.


          1. “some 82% of COVID related deaths occurred in long-term care/nursing home facilities”

            A lot of nursing homes are a kind of soft geronticide…. not that different from the Eskimos leaving the elderly on ice flows…. (yeah I know it was more complex than that but it comes down to the same thing)

            Also another thought struck me – central heating and air conditioning…. I’m wondering if another reason for the generally low death rate in Poland is related to the general lack of air conditioning and central heating (by air) since most heating here is by steam heat (with radiators).

            I’m wondering on the extent of air conditioning and heating in the countries/areas with higher death rates….


            1. “central heating and air conditioning…”

              Here’s where public health bureaucrats could have actually put some actual research science to work at the beginning of the pandemic towards the goal of isolating LTCs from the virus rather than trotting out in front of TV cameras on a daily basis to scare-scold the peasants with threats of death-death-death based on the pretend “science” of their ouija board Imperial College “models.”


            2. I saw a statistic somewhere recently that a huge percentage of residents in US nursing homes die within the first six months and another huge percentage within the first year. I don’t know if it’s geronticide or if it’s just that people don’t wind up there unless they are already in extremely bad shape.


              1. “I don’t know if it’s geronticide ”

                That’s why I say “soft”… it’s removing unwanted elderly people from the realm of the vital so that their passing will go unremarked upon and not overly trouble the survivors…


    2. RE: el – More of the logical error of equating tests and “cases” and illness. If the U.S. had treated (and reported on) the 2017-2018 winter flu season the way the the present coronavirus is, the U.S. would have had 300 million “cases” of influenza, and there would have been no higher morbidity/mortality. Which by the way, was higher than the present coronavirus morbidity/mortality.


  2. “When there’s no spike in COVID deaths in Minnesota”

    I’ve been very disappointed in the media all over the place… they go out of their way to put an alarmist spin on banal information or meaningless numbers…. so I’m sure they’ll find an alarmist way to spin it to keep the normies cowering in fear….


  3. “When there’s no spike in COVID deaths in Minnesota”

    I am not optimistic. I have been carefully following the numbers and the media spin ever since Georgia reopened, and there is a wide discrepancy between the two. When Georgia just reopened, there was a lot of screeds about how everyone will get killed; when the numbers did not go up three weeks after, there was nothing. The numbers are still flat, yet suddenly now the media starts reporting that the number of cases are going up in some states that reopened early. This is not backed up by any actual numbers, any facts on whether these states are testing more, or anything about whether these new cases are serious. And mind you — I am simply taking the numbers on blind faith here — I am not even taking into account the fact that the numbers may involve blatant overcounting — as Clarissa has been pointing out for a while.

    I feel like at this point the liberal media sticks to its narrative no matter what happens. I don’t think they will change their story based on something as meagre as reality.


    1. Unfortunately, you are right. They are still treating the Russia hoax like it was real. Many people don’t care about reality any more. It’s all about partisan fairy-tales.


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