Luxuries Survived

I was worrying that the overpriced juicery would go under because who needs $6 juices in an economic crisis?

But I forgot that it’s the luxuries that people can’t do without. The juicery raised the prices to $11 per juice and has a line out the door of teenagers and very young adults.

They probably count as an essential business because they do let people come inside (although not sit down).

3 thoughts on “Luxuries Survived”

  1. I could do with a smoothie right now. It’s so damn hot.

    Clearly this is why they’re considered essential. I don’t know how the weather is over there, but they’ve clearly anticipated the need for a cold drink.


  2. “worrying that the overpriced juicery would go under ”

    I’m hoping the Georgian bakery that just opened up around the corner will do okay (there’s a couple in town but this one is very convenient).
    The sign that one would open there went up just as the lock down began and they began operations a week ago. I was the only one when I arrive today but by the time I left there were several people waiting to come inside, so I’m optimistic.


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