Real Racists

All of the preppy kids from elsewhere who descended on Minneapolis and helped turn a protest into a riot because it tickles them to imagine themselves as revolutionaries and activists – they are the real racists. They should be the ones to get shamed and put in their place.

Obviously, the locals are just as much to blame for the whole mess but the locals are simply fools while the outsiders are racist fucks.

2 thoughts on “Real Racists”

  1. I’ve seen a couple of people posting on Facebook that at least two police officers disguised as protesters were breaking windows and encouraging people to destroy and loot. One of the posts had photos and video of a man breaking windows and a photo of the same man in uniform from his Facebook page. I haven’t seen this reported in any legitimate outlets, but it would not at all surprise me to learn that local police were encouraging more violence to distract from the situation with George Floyd.

    Also, some people in my town are planning a solidarity protest today and then a convoy of protesters is heading north to join the protests for the weekend. It feels like they are just using this as an excuse to break quarantine and get out of town for the weekend.


    1. I saw that video and was tempted to post a comment that we don’t know exactly which people are setting buildings on fire or looting. Some of the protesters may be doing that, some other people may be doing it on purpose to make the protesters look bad, and yet others may be doing it because it’s fun for them or they want to steal TVs or other things from stores.


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