The mob in Dallas that stomped a shop owner trying to protect his store to within an inch of his life (or to death, if he doesn’t survive) will be hailed as heroes when it becomes known that he never posted his pronouns, liked a tweet by a Trump supporter, and didn’t donate proceeds from his store to BLM. He’ll become “a Nazi” who attacked the peaceful civil rights protesters.

Elon Provides a Pretext

There isn’t a person in this galaxy who cares about space travel less than I do (you’d get it if you were born in the USSR; please respect cultural traumas), but on this particular day I’m deeply grateful to Elon Musk for organizing the space launch diversion. It’s a great way to change the subject when you come across a SJW acquaintance who is blathering on about the “protests.”

I’m going to milk this for days, if not weeks. People will think I’m fanatically into space travel. But I simply want to be spared inanities about “racial justice” and evil cops.

Stuck on a Loop

From the mayor of Minneapolis:

We are now confronting white supremacists, members of organized crime, out of state instigators, and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilize our city and our region.

To say that this is insane is to say little.

The local (MN) news station is reporting that almost all the people arrested for rioting are local, so the mayor knowingly blames “foreign actors” (it’s time for a new dose of Russian hoax!) for this.

Don’t believe your lying eyes! All those rioters and looters you have been seeing on TV are simply very tanned Russians. Who are trashing half of major US cities to help Trump. Because they are all Nazis together and like doing such Nazi things.

Rachel Maddow must be in heaven.


And what do you, folks, think I was accused of immediately after bringing to light the story about Montreal’s ERs?

Being a white supremacist.

One individual after another repeated the accusation like a trained parrot.

Racist! Racist! Racist! they screeched.

White nationalist terrorist! one added to stand out of the crowd.

The journalist I accused of lying is white. There is absolutely no racial aspect to the story. You’ve read the post. Is race mentioned in any way? Obviously not. Yet my inbox is filled with hate mail from trolls who accuse me of racism.

And this, my friends, is why I always proceed under the assumption that a person who uses the expression “white supremacists” is not extremely smart. This expression is what intellectually limited individuals use in lieu of “a meanie who says something I vaguely dislike for reasons I can’t be bothered to articulate” because they think it makes them sound profound.

P.S. A much more egregious example:

BREAKING: Democrat Minnesota Governor says he believes “white supremacists” & “cartels” are part of chaos in Minneapolis

“These folks will blend in.”

And I promise that this will be the consensus about the riots once they are over. That’s how they are going into history books. ‘White supremacist cartels’ are to blame.

Today’s Dr Seuss

N has been wondering why our times haven’t produced a children’s author of the stature of Dr Seuss or Shel Silverstein.

They have, though!

It’s Neil McFarlane.

His books are for very small kids. Klara, for instance, is in love with them. But they are still literature. Absolutely outstanding, talented stuff.

The Irony

And the biggest irony of it all is that my mom survived because she doesn’t speak English in Canada.

If she did and had been reading these scary news stories or watching them on TV, it would have been impossible to convince her to go to an ER where crowds of COVID patients are supposedly squeezed in with everybody else and it’s impossible to get care.

But she doesn’t get any news, so she went, got surgery, and is now back home. The Canadians who actually speak one of the official languages aren’t so lucky. (The French coverage is reportedly much better).

This is what it’s gotten to with our journalism. You are better off not speaking the language at all.