And what do you, folks, think I was accused of immediately after bringing to light the story about Montreal’s ERs?

Being a white supremacist.

One individual after another repeated the accusation like a trained parrot.

Racist! Racist! Racist! they screeched.

White nationalist terrorist! one added to stand out of the crowd.

The journalist I accused of lying is white. There is absolutely no racial aspect to the story. You’ve read the post. Is race mentioned in any way? Obviously not. Yet my inbox is filled with hate mail from trolls who accuse me of racism.

And this, my friends, is why I always proceed under the assumption that a person who uses the expression “white supremacists” is not extremely smart. This expression is what intellectually limited individuals use in lieu of “a meanie who says something I vaguely dislike for reasons I can’t be bothered to articulate” because they think it makes them sound profound.

P.S. A much more egregious example:

BREAKING: Democrat Minnesota Governor says he believes “white supremacists” & “cartels” are part of chaos in Minneapolis

“These folks will blend in.”

And I promise that this will be the consensus about the riots once they are over. That’s how they are going into history books. ‘White supremacist cartels’ are to blame.

20 thoughts on “Accusation”

  1. ‘racism’ ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacy’ have all lost virtually all meaning and are now symbolic incantations meant to keep thoughtcrime at bay.
    of course there is racism and white supremacy but they’re harder than ever to address just because of the hysterical overuse of these terms
    so…… good job whoever helped leach those terms of practical meaning!
    as always, I suspect the PMC which has a vested interest in provoking and aggravating racial animosity in order to keep class consciousness at bay…


    1. \ I suspect the PMC which has a vested interest

      Professional-managerial class, a social class within capitalism


      The politico-media complex (PMC, also referred to as the political-media complex) is a name given to the close knit, systematized, symbiotic-like network of relationships between a state’s political and ruling classes and its media industry


      If Antifa belong to the first and they’re busy burning low income housing, it suits too.


  2. For Clarissa and other Russian speakers, two povs re the riots from Russian bloggers:

    (From an exteremely popular blogger) “Совершенно не понятно, почему нормальные и адекватные люди не пресекают этот зоопарк. Помню, на Майдане, когда разбили витрины какого-то магазина с одеждой и какой-то быдлан попытался спиздить одежду, ему сразу прилетело. Протестующие сами закрыли фанерой разбитую витрину и охраняли товар.

    Сегодня много американских звезд и журналистов высказываются в поддержку протестующих, люди выходят в разных городах на улицы с детьми. И всех, похоже, устраивает, что протест против насилия превратился в праздник насилия и мародерства.”


    (From a nice person I like reading) “И мне на глаза на одном из западных новостных каналов попался даже не репортаж, а просто съемка какого-то очевидца, впрочем, сделанная на неплохую камеру и достаточно твердой и умелой, возможно даже профессиональной рукой.

    одна компания посреди всего этого безобразия привлекла мое внимание спокойствием и основательностью своего поведения.

    Собственно, это и не совсем компания, а, судя по всему просто дружная негритянская семья. Там дедушки, бабушки, солидные представители среднего поколения, молодежь и даже несколько детей. Всего больше десятка человек. Они нашли где-то небольшую грузовую платформу на колесиках, которые часто используются в складских помещениях крупных супермаркетов, и укладывают на неё товар. Очень логистически продуманно и аккуратно. Вниз идут большие плоские коробки с чем-то вроде телевизоров, повыше коробки полегче и убывающих размеров, женщины привязывают к поручню платформы пакеты с косметикой и бытовой химией, малыш всего лет шести пыхтит, но старательно тащит в одной руке тостер, в другой игровую приставку и тщательно высматривает для них наиболее удобное место.

    Люди работают очень неспешно и спокойно, совершенно не обращая внимание на происходящее вокруг, а при этом, надо заметить, и им никто не мешает, не покушается на их добро и не пытается хоть как-то обидеть.

    Не то, что успокаивает, но несколько примиряет. Классика. Всюду жизнь.”


  3. How would those accusers reacts to cases like (quotes from Dreher’s blog):

    the black mob has set upon a white woman in a wheelchair named Jennifer … This earlier video appears to show her joining the looters (in a Target shop), but being attacked by fellow looters as she was trying to loot. … Ah, here’s an example of inspiring cross-racial cooperation. A white looter tried to steal Jennifer’s purse, and a black looter helped by beating Jennifer in the head.
    Lawful black firearms owners standing guard outside their businesses.
    It’s an interview with David Joo, manager of a gun store in L.A.’s Koreatown. Joo used guns to defend his store during the L.A. Riots of 1992. Here’s a short clip of him recalling what that was like. Notice him saying that when the Korean store owners called the police to protect them, they ran away. It fell to him and the others to protect their property


    1. Oh, it’s all fake news, a set-up by white supremacists, a fake video by police, etc. There’s already a narrative explaining all this away and that narrative will win. We will not be allowed to remember there was looting going on.


      1. I’m also bothered by the narrative that white antifas organized the riots. Although those idiots were clearly present, let’s not infantilize the rioters. Most of them are black as anybody can see from the footage. These are black mostly young mostly male rioters who enjoy an opportunity to run around, smash things, steal stuff, etc.

        Obviously, the person who concludes from what I said here that I believe “all black people are XYZ” is a brain-dead idiot who should crawl into a whole asap.


    1. I already saw a couple of suggestions on Twitter that Russians are somehow to blame for the riots getting violent. And they weren’t facetious.

      It’s very sad.


  4. I’m baffled by why they would latch onto that post in the first place. Is it a bot?

    But then, I’m also mystified by “white supremacist” as the ultimate boogeyman. I’ve met a couple of actual white supremacists. They were fat, pathetic old men who had never accomplished anything of note, and liked to run their mouths. Why anyone would be scared of them is beyond me. I doubt they could find Minnesota on a map. I’ve heard elsewhere that while white supremacist groups do actually still exist, the overall numbers are quite small, and probably every true believer is outnumbered 3 to 1 by informants and FBI agents. Those guys can’t fart without there being a government record of it.

    Maybe that’s what makes them so convenient to blame? It’s not like anyone’s going to come after you– legally or physically– if you blame something on white supremacists.


    1. It is definitely ironic that among all the problems in the US the current cultural moguls attached themselves to the least serious or threatening. I live very close to East St Louis. The situation there is dire. It’s really bad. I never saw things this bad even back in Ukraine.

      And nothing is getting done because we are sitting here fantasizing about Klanners or Nazis and that’s all absolutely ridiculous.


      1. “current cultural moguls attached themselves to the least serious or threatening”

        Exactly! nothing the current cultural moguls get upset about is real or a problem. They’ll scream and moan about trivia and they’ll walk over the corpses of the former working class for a new coffee flavor. Face it, you came halfway around the world to end up in a second rate, low comedy parody version of the USSR….

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          1. Talking about serious problems, every food pantry in the area is completely empty. I’ve never seen anything like this. Even in 2009 it wasn’t quite this bad. The church food pantry is just bare walls.

            And is anybody even talking about this? No, we are only hearing about a bunch of hoodlums who are torching stores for fun.


            1. The current cultural moguls couldn’t care less about poor people going hungry…. the losers! The riots are the handiwork of Putin! do you year Putin! in cahoots with Trump! (yeah, my jaw dropped when I saw that particular party line being trotted out on twitter).


  5. Re who is called a racist, see an opposite case. The title of the article calls it

    “Racist remarks spray painted on Alamo Cenotaph, 1 person in custody”

    while the quoted twit inside the article describes the remarks as

    “Anti-white supremacy and anti-cop graffiti was sprayed in several spots downtown, including on the cenotaph one front of the Alamo. Police say they have arrested those responsible. ”

    Dreher talks of BLM and the Brown Berets rally near the place leading to a call for armed Texans to gather around the Alamo. Hope it has ended quietly.

    I link to Rod’s short post since the wording of the letter is too civil war like in my eyes. Citizens shouldn’t be this divided:


    1. I very sincerely think that the word “racist” should be retired for the next 100 years. Then it can come back tentatively if people manage to use it correctly.


    2. “Citizens shouldn’t be this divided…”

      But they are – all of grievance race-baiting that’s been promoted during the last two decades by ‘progressives’ had to go somewhere. Reading even a few of the comments section following Dreher’s post shows that many people truly understand the world through the faux-biological prism of imagined ‘race.’


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