Elon Provides a Pretext

There isn’t a person in this galaxy who cares about space travel less than I do (you’d get it if you were born in the USSR; please respect cultural traumas), but on this particular day I’m deeply grateful to Elon Musk for organizing the space launch diversion. It’s a great way to change the subject when you come across a SJW acquaintance who is blathering on about the “protests.”

I’m going to milk this for days, if not weeks. People will think I’m fanatically into space travel. But I simply want to be spared inanities about “racial justice” and evil cops.

5 thoughts on “Elon Provides a Pretext”

  1. My sister was watching it on her phone while on gate-guard duty at a gated community– a car pulled up just as they were getting to launch. She ran out of the booth with her phone and the lady in the car is like “OMG is it the launch, let me look! I was trying to get home in time to see it!” So they watched it together in the road, and the car that pulled up behind was already watching it on her phone too, so didn’t mind waiting… Once it looked like a success, they all cheered 🙂


  2. I am not much interested, either, but I heard that it had launched from the clerks at the seed-n-feed store where I was pricing out rabbit hutches 🙂


  3. Musk grew up in South Africa during apartheid. He has more experience with real white supremacists than anyone else in the current discussion.

    Of course, since he left first chance he got, it is doubtful that he supported the regime.


  4. But I simply want to be spared inanities about “racial justice” and evil cops.

    Racial justice is not an inanity. As a white person with two black family members, I know that black people are in great danger from Police violence, much more so than are white people. I have also been with them when they were threatened by people who were not police.


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