Legal Gatherings

I’m going to the Sunday service tomorrow with 9 other parishioners. We’ve had to divide into groups of ten and alternate days when each group can attend.

We aren’t planning to loot Prada or Louis Vuitton, so we aren’t allowed to congregate in larger groups.

14 thoughts on “Legal Gatherings”

  1. Finally got to go to church this week. It was depressing. My kids have become unaccustomed to behaving themselves in church, over the long break. Only 20 people are allowed at a time, so we have to sign up and get approval to attend at all. It is nearly impossible to sing with a mask on. The main chanter had to do the entire service alone, even though he is just recovered from heart surgery. Normally I would be at the chanters’ stand to help. But social distancing. Just as well since it needed both myself and my husband to keep the kids from going feral. This is not good.


    1. I’m so sorry. 😦

      Our service wasn’t anything like what we normally have either. There were so many instructions on what not to touch and how you need to disinfect everything you come in contact with that it’s impossible to relax. Kids aren’t allowed. I discovered that having a mask on for 2 hours hurts my ears.

      It’s better than online service but it’s nothing like the real deal. I’m happy I got a chance to go but I’ll be happy to return to real service.

      My kid says, “mommy, when can I go to church? I don’t feel like a real Christian any more!” It makes me sad.


      1. “Kids aren’t allowed… It makes me sad.”

        No wonder – it makes me sad hearing about it – quite unOrthodox.


      2. My sympathies are with Klara! I was so excited to go back, and now I’m tempted to just wait it out at home, until normal church resumes. I don’t feel like I can take communion, because I haven’t been to confession since the Nativity fast, and we can’t schedule to do that yet. Please let this farce be over soon!


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