The mob in Dallas that stomped a shop owner trying to protect his store to within an inch of his life (or to death, if he doesn’t survive) will be hailed as heroes when it becomes known that he never posted his pronouns, liked a tweet by a Trump supporter, and didn’t donate proceeds from his store to BLM. He’ll become “a Nazi” who attacked the peaceful civil rights protesters.

5 thoughts on “Prediction”

  1. Based on what I’m hearing locally (including from personal sources who I trust), it seems like the police are trying to deliberately antagonize protesters. This hearkens back to our discussion the other day about riots serving some people’s political aims quite nicely. I think police here want rioting to happen. Just my thoughts. (Don’t take this as being related to this post in particular, I’m not trying to absolve violent rioters of personal responsibility.)


    1. We have friends who were at a protest on Friday that was peaceful until the police started lobbing tear gas into the crowd. The excuse given by the police was that the protest had gone past the time registered by the organisers, so they had to disperse the crowd. It got ugly after the tear gas, though damage was minor compared to some cities.


      1. This happened in my city too. The police tear gassed peaceful protesters 40 minutes before curfew. I don’t think they remained peaceful after that (though nothing too crazy happened; the night before had much more going on.)


  2. It seems that the victim first try to attack a skateboarder with a sword.

    These animals are still not heroes, but it may be not as preposterous as I thought first.


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