Stuck on a Loop

From the mayor of Minneapolis:

We are now confronting white supremacists, members of organized crime, out of state instigators, and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilize our city and our region.

To say that this is insane is to say little.

The local (MN) news station is reporting that almost all the people arrested for rioting are local, so the mayor knowingly blames “foreign actors” (it’s time for a new dose of Russian hoax!) for this.

Don’t believe your lying eyes! All those rioters and looters you have been seeing on TV are simply very tanned Russians. Who are trashing half of major US cities to help Trump. Because they are all Nazis together and like doing such Nazi things.

Rachel Maddow must be in heaven.

6 thoughts on “Stuck on a Loop”

  1. The mayor has just admitted he let foreign actors blow up a police station, and enabled white supremacists to burn low income housing and destroy mainly African-American parts of the city. All this while he refused to use the local police, let alone national forcesm and impotently begged the enemies of poor (in all senses) Americans to stop.

    Sometimes spinning lies catches one in a net.

    After looking at those photos, I have at last understood why many Americans (of all colors) move to the suburbs if they can afford it. Would you rather raise Klara where you live or in that burned part of the city?


    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking these days. And I’m pretty sure that’s what my black neighbors next door have been thinking: we are glad we live in a small peaceful suburb.

      White flight, my ass. If those thugs looked like my twin brothers, I wouldn’t want to live around them either. And I don’t see anybody who is screaming about “systemic racism” too eager to relocate to the neighborhoods that have been known for rioting.


    1. Ah, forget that. There’s a much more interesting story here. The Hmong – to which this woman belongs – have been involved in dozens of gang rape and especially child rape scandals in the past 20 years. Apparently, it’s a cultural thing. The problem has been particularly bad … guess where? … in Minnesota.

      Where are the protests?

      Obviously nowhere.


  2. I know a lot of people in Minneapolis. There’s been an excessive amount of proven direct on-the-ground on-film evidence of white boys who don’t seem to have anything to do with the protests, but who are suspiciously armored-up with gas masks and paramilitary equipment, committing the arson and vandalism in Minneapolis. Also of the MPD just attacking people for no reason; lots and lots of film of that.

    The MPD had a really terrible reputation among everyone in the city already, for insane stunts like harrassing random people in their backyards by helicopter, and for the police union explicitly and deliberately violating the department’s own training regulations.

    The mayor doesn’t have effective control over the MPD, which is extremely crooked and is frankly probably involved in the arsons. Most of the people I know in Minneapolis wouldn’t be surprised if the MPD had actually organized the arsons; it might have.

    Calling in the MN national guard, who do not have a history of crooked behavior, may straighten things out. The real solution is to liquidate the MPD and start fresh. If the final arrest record doesn’t include all the MPD officers caught assaulting peaceful protestors on camera, nobody’s going to believe it’s anything but a whitewash.

    Raw MPD arrest records aren’t going to be trusted by anyone as a result of the essential untrustworthiness of the MPD (who, y’know, murdered someone on camera recently, and were filmed by a Star-Trib journalist randomly shooting pepper spray out of a car at people doing nothing?), so I wouldn’t put too much credence in the data KARE looked at. There were definitely outside, white provocateurs involved; it’s been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt by filming.


    1. Hey, do you know why “outside white provocateurs” never provoked me into busting some storefronts and hauling away the goods?

      Because I stayed home.

      I also have to mention that it’s impossible for me to take seriously anybody who uses the word “protests” (let alone the word peaceful) in this context.


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