The Irony

And the biggest irony of it all is that my mom survived because she doesn’t speak English in Canada.

If she did and had been reading these scary news stories or watching them on TV, it would have been impossible to convince her to go to an ER where crowds of COVID patients are supposedly squeezed in with everybody else and it’s impossible to get care.

But she doesn’t get any news, so she went, got surgery, and is now back home. The Canadians who actually speak one of the official languages aren’t so lucky. (The French coverage is reportedly much better).

This is what it’s gotten to with our journalism. You are better off not speaking the language at all.

2 thoughts on “The Irony”

  1. The decline of journalism in NAmerica from a skilled profession to a holding sink for the fail-spawn of well-connected parents with deep pockets is a disgrace and probably on purpose.
    the Polish media keeps trying to fan the flames of panic but the public is heading back towards normal and it’s only a few public institutions that are still playing along.

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    1. There is no better symbol of this than the video of a journalist standing in front of a burning building in Minnesota the other day and reporting that “the protests are peaceful.”

      The worst part isn’t even the journalist. It’s the people who see the evidence of his lie with their own eyes but still believe him because it fits into their biases.


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