A Better Charlottesville

Let’s agree that the Left’s version of Charlottesville easily kicked the Right’s version ass.

7 thoughts on “A Better Charlottesville”

  1. Do you think this Russian blogger is right to connect the Second Amendment with police brutality?

    Почему в Штатах такая полиция

    I know one can be prejudiced while having black / minority relatives, but still wondered at the killing cop having a very not WASP wife. In my mind, somebody deeply racist would choose his spouse differently. Considering 18 complaints against Derek Chauvin, are we sure it was racism that killed George Floyd and not general professional unsuitability of that cop?

    If the looters were interested in activism rather than stealing, demanding cops with numerous complaints would be pulled off active duty could work to limit the number of dangerous to everybody policemen.

    Here, I googled and found a case of Derek threatening white citizens too:

    // Kristofer Bergh, a 24-year-old white man from Minneapolis, was one of the people who filed a complaint against Chauvin and another officer, accusing them of pulling a gun on him and his teenage friends in 2013 after one of the teens shot a Nerf gun that may have struck a passerby.

    In an email to BuzzFeed News on Thursday, Bergh said that had he and his friends not been white, they would “likely been shot” by the officers.

    On May 1, 2013, Bergh was a 17-year-old senior at South High School in Minneapolis. He and three of his friends were playing a game of Assassins — an annual event organized by the students where teams of 10 were given a “hit list” of 10 targets that they had to eliminate by hitting them with Nerf darts.

    Bergh said three of his teammates had been dropping him off at home in a car when one of his friends shot a Nerf dart outside the car window that may have struck a passerby.

    Minutes after the car pulled up to Bergh’s house and he got out of the car, Chauvin and his partner pulled up in a police car behind them without any sirens or lights and with “their guns drawn on me,” Bergh said.

    “I didn’t know that they were behind us until I turned around and saw them already aiming guns at me,” Bergh said. “It was terrifying.”

    The officers shouted at Bergh to “get back in the fucking car” and “put your hands in the fucking air,” he recalled.



    1. The idea that this unfortunate incident is about racism is absolutely ridiculous.

      There was an identical situation of cops asphyxiating a white man as he begged to let him breathe for 30 minutes:


      Have you heard about it on the news? No because it didn’t serve the purpose of stoking racial tensions.

      Or there was this extremely disturbing situation earlier this year: https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/5793169/police-officer-shooting-chicago-video/%3famp=true

      It was mentioned in the media but there were no protests, no mass outrage. Why? The victim was white. Imagine if a multitude of white people started rioting to protest the assault on a white guy by black cops. We’d never hear the end of screeching about Nazism.

      The only racism here is in the white media that are egging on the black youth to riot because it fits some ridiculous notion of activism they have.

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      1. Thank you for those links.

        I also thought of the case of an unarmed white teenager being shot and killed by police a few years ago. The passenger in his car was trying to arrange a drug deal and the victim tested positive for recent cocaine and marijuana use.

        Contrast that with the coverage of the death of Justine Damond, the white Australian woman who was shot dead by police after calling 911. That certainly got a lot of publicity.

        We need a new slogan – “Imperfect Lives Matter”. I absolutely agree with you that an imperfect black person being killed by police will receive a ton of media coverage, and an imperfect white person – much less, if any (except for right-wing media, probably).

        I think this situation is more complex than that, though. We live in the age of social media, and people can learn about things regardless of the amount of mainstream press coverage. Why didn’t white people publicize the deaths of Tony Timpa (who was under the influence of cocaine at the time) and Zachary Hammond (the teenager in my first link) and organize protests via grassroots and social media? That, in turn, would attract mainstream media coverage. Let’s be honest, it’s because most of us don’t deal marijuana or do cocaine, and therefore this would never happen to us.


        1. No, the reason why white people are terrified of mentioning white victims (or black victims of black criminals) is that they don’t want to be fired, dragged through the mud and turned into pariahs. You do not publicly mention any situation where non-white criminals exist or where white victims exist.

          And the idea that the media would care if anybody spoke loudly enough…. I strongly suggest you look into gang rapes and murders by illegal immigrants. The parents of the victims have been trying to speak out for years. Nobody cares. There are really egregious cases happening on a monthly basis. Kids chopped up with machetes, horrible stuff. Nobody cares because there is no racial angle to exploit.


          1. It makes perfect sense that liberals who tried to publicize crimes by illegal immigrants would be silenced and/or ostracized. The mainstream media with a liberal bent wouldn’t cover those. You’ll get no argument from me there. And yes, I believe you that these crimes are happening and are not being reported.

            I was talking specifically about the cases you cited – white victims of police misconduct, and about mass protests for them. Where are the conservatives, who didn’t seem worried about being called racist when they said Obama was a Muslim born in Kenya, called him a food-stamp president, and respond to “black lives matter” with “all lives matter”? Why isn’t Fox News constantly highlighting white victims of police violence, and if they are, why aren’t protests being organized like they were recently with armed protesters in Michigan?

            Forgive me if this is happening and the mainstream media is completely ignoring those crowds in the streets.

            For the record, I think any protests happening after the cop with his knee on George Floyd’s neck was charged were completely counterproductive. And as much as I don’t like Trump supporters in MAGA hats, I have to agree that if we say that any of them are tarnished by association with the worst Trump supporters, so are any people taking to the streets now while others are setting buildings on fire and breaking into stores.


            1. I have no idea why your comment was spammed. I apologise. There’s been a lot of weirdness after yesterday’s hacking attempts. But I know the identity of the attempted hacker. I’m not a creep and I won’t doxx her but I think she’s now gone away.


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