Next Step

The logical next step is an election of a Bolsonaro-type authoritarian. And nobody would be able to say anything against because the word authoritarian has been killed through overuse.

6 thoughts on “Next Step”

  1. America already has a fascist dictator who stole the presidential election in 2016, remember? The problem is that he’s hiding in his bunker, hands shaking too badly to even send out any of his evil tweets, while fires are literally burning a half block from the White House.

    Watching the lawless anarchy on television today is like viewing scenes from George Orwell’s The War of the Worlds depicting “the rout of civilisation” that followed a Martian invasion of England — except that America doesn’t need any alien help, and at least the novel had a surviving soldier who felt guilty about failing to defend his country.

    The anchors on CNN and MSNBC are either feeling guilty because of white shame or they’re hopeful because this will usher in a new dawn of racial awareness, and a few commentators on Fox News (black commentators who can’t be accused of racism) are angry and warning that violent upheaval has to be met with appropriate force.

    I don’t feel much of anything watching this farce play out — just thoroughly, totally disgusted. To hell with it, it really isn’t worth wasting any emotion over.


  2. I was truly shocked to read this:

    “The guardhouse at the White House has been set on fire. The police rushes forward and gassed the crowd.”


    “This is the historic Episcopal church across Lafayette Park from the White House. Every US president since James Madison has worshipped there. The mob is burning it down.”

    Imagine how it’ll affect the international image of USA, how Russian and Arab media will spin those events. 😦

    Wish Trump were a little bit authoritarian instead of a complete wet rag he seems now.

    As somebody tweeted:

    “the nihilism of the “riots are good for Trump” crowd is, first — incorrect — but second, why would you want a chief executive of the most powerful empire in history who can’t quell a riot in front of his house?”


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