Peaceful Looting Comes to Montreal

I just saw images of my favorite stores in Montreal being “peacefully looted.”

At this point, one has to be either dangerously naive or malevolent to think this is about anything other than giving people a pretext to steal stuff.

You really need to know Montreal to understand how supremely idiotic it is to connect it to what happened in Minnesota. It’s nothing like a typical US city with an impoverished ghetto filled with black people. It’s a different planet, a different kind of police, a different kind of race relations. It has many problems of its own but it isn’t a Chicago, a Minneapolis, or an Atlanta.

2 thoughts on “Peaceful Looting Comes to Montreal”

  1. There’s Montréal Nord (the area the most affected by the newly nonexistent covid in Québec, but they never cared about them) that is a black ghetto, but nowhere near the magnitude of Black ghettos in large American cities.


  2. I particularly like the video where people trash the guitar shop

    I am very tempted to repost it with the comments like “People of Montreal are upholding its reputation as the city of high culture” or “Canceling the Jazz festival due the the pandemic has been positively intolerable for some people”…


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