Here is what’s funny. The extreme left faction of the Democratic party lost its hopes of winning in 2020 because of African Americans who preferred a more moderate Biden.

And now this extreme left faction is using African Americans to punish Biden, the electorate that rejected them, and African Americans themselves.

This is why the black neighborhoods are burning and the cities controlled by establishment Democrats are being destroyed. They are the target of the rage.

These are very entitled people who don’t like to be crossed. Which in no way excuses the small minority of African Americans who took the bait and let themselves be dragged into this.

P.S. Here’s one example. A rich Ivy-educated lawyer and his lawyer girlfriend are arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail into a police cruiser.

4 thoughts on “Revenge”

  1. Are you sure they are rich? The article states that the woman suffered financial difficulties after losing her legal job and the man was furloughed in April. I suspect they have a mountain of student debt to repay.

    It is unsurprising that keeping people locked down for months would result in an explosion, especially when they lose their jobs and money runs low. I expect the police thing was just the trigger.


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