Bad Break

A family I know moved to NYC last summer “for the kids’ sake.”

Obviously, they couldn’t have known but imagine that. First, they were homeless because rent is crazy. Then, NYC had the worst COVID outbreak. Now there’s vandalism and looting in their neighborhood.

What a bad break.

Branding Wars

Folks, forget politics – that’s dead anyway – and pay attention to the genius branding.

Trump walked out of the White House and slowly strolled to St John’s Church that the peaceful looters set in fire last night. And he was carrying a Bible.

That’s absolutely amazing branding. Great visuals, brilliant messaging. Especially compared to Biden’s geriatric kneeling pic and his chin mask speech. Honestly, just take the mask off completely. It looks ridiculous when you pull it down under your chin where it makes you look like you’ve had cosmetic surgery to remove a double chin.

I love talented stuff, and this was very talented.

Different Logic

I was wondering what the pro-rioting argument is going to be like, so I peeked over into the “bourgeois leftie Twitter” and now I know.

As usual, it’s something I would have never guessed.

Here goes: if people weren’t mean to Colin Kaepernick, looters wouldn’t have broken into Target and stolen TVs, vandalized synagogues, burned churches, or destroyed small businesses.

I have no idea what the connection is and how the looters’ need for TVs, Louis Vuitton bags, and fancy guitars would have been satisfied by everybody being super sweet to Kaepernick but there’s at least a dozen memes on the subject and they are getting massive retweets. It’s interesting to know there is a world in which this logic is taken seriously.

Why Should We Be Punished?

The people who bash storefronts to run inside and get a new TV – I obviously don’t support them but I understand the desire to get a beautiful big TV. It’s very human to want a cool new gadget. The way they are going about getting it is clearly criminal but the desire itself is understandable.

But the bastards who want to steal our dignity instead of our gadgets are a lot worse. They will not be satisfied with big, shiny TVs. They already have those. They want power to intimidate and bully us.

Those of us who stayed peacefully at home, didn’t hurt anybody, didn’t loot, and who will be paying with our taxes to repair the destruction will now be berated, condemned, and extorted into constantly asking for forgiveness and trying to prove our worth through unconscious bias trainings and other ridiculous stuff like that.

No COVID in Italy

(Reuters) – The new coronavirus is losing its potency and has become much less lethal, a senior Italian doctor said on Sunday.

“In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” said Alberto Zangrillo, the head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan in the northern region of Lombardy, which has borne the brunt of Italy’s coronavirus contagion.

Since we were told five million times that we are “two weeks behind Italy,” why do I have to teach online until June 2021?

Well, that’s because professors watch CNN and are still convinced that they will immediately perish if they go outside.