A Tragedy in STL

God, people, did you see what happened right here in St Louis? A retired police officer called David Dorn was murdered by the mob last night.

I don’t understand (the small minority of) people who say they are against the military being brought out against the mob. What is the alternative? The mob is killing people. A 77-year-old black retired police officer is dead. What is the alternative here? It’s getting worse, people are getting murdered.

8 thoughts on “A Tragedy in STL”

  1. “https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1962/11/17/letter-from-a-region-in-my-mind?”

    Yes, beautiful words from 58 years ago. And on every program on CNN and MSNBC, the 10-thousandth eulogy for George Floyd with an anguished interview with a family member or a friend, spilling back over 200-plus years of white shame to slavery in the Southern colonies. How many mentions of David Dorn have you seen?

    Somebody should tell Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, and the other progressive idiots on television, that a mounting toll of other innocent people are being killed every single day that this by now idiotic “protest” — which has turned into a Children’s Crusade led mostly by white college students in tight shorts and stretched halter tops — continues.

    Don’t ask me to read a scholarly documentary about the arsonist who struck the match while the flames burning down my house are still raging.


    1. Is David Dorn’s murder being reported? And the 82 shootings in Chicago over the weekend? I haven’t been watching the news, so I don’t know.

      Every good, sincere person who had noble intentions with these protests at first really needs to stop now. People are being murdered. Whatever message you have, whatever extremely important point you want to make, it has been coopted to murder people. It’s time to stop and find another way to get the ultra important point across.


  2. “A 77-year-old black retired police officer is dead”

    Black on black crime does not bother SJWs (white or black) It does bother lots black people but they’re not given the megaphone and are discouraged from making a fuss…

    I can’t think of any case of liberals (progressives, leftists whatever) being upset when police are killed. Maybe it’s happened but it’s pretty far down on the list of priorities…


    1. Given that we’ve spent months wailing about how everybody who ventures outside is murdering grandpa, I expected a few people to care about a real murder of an actual grandpa.


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