The Worst Hoax So Far

I very very highly recommend everybody watch the segment on Tucker tonight where he narrates all 10 cases of unarmed black people killed by police last year.

I really urge people to watch. Tucker got these cases from the Washington Post database, so it’s definitely not information that skews to the right.

In 5 of these 10 deaths, the officer was being attacked when the shooting occurred. Out of the remaining cases, one was ruled an accident and in two the officers were charged with a crime.

Not only is this a minuscule number of fatalities in such a large country, it’s also less than half of the people murdered in Chicago last weekend.

Curiously, in 2015 there were 38 shootings of unarmed black people.This is all according to WashPo. So it’s gone down pretty dramatically once Trump was elected. I’m obviously not saying it’s because of Trump there are fewer shootings. (Although lower unemployment definitely helps reduce violent crime). But nobody can claim there are more because of him.

So what is it that we are protesting exactly?

We’ve Been Had

I don’t know what more evidence anybody needs that we’ve been massively had with this coronavirus scare:

Dozens of public health and disease experts have signed an open letter in support of the nationwide anti-racism protests.

“White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19,” they wrote.

The daily scoldings from Dr Fauci, the panic porn stories about the dead piling up in hospitals, police dragging people away from the park – it’s all suddenly and mysteriously gone.

The corona panic – mind you, I said the panic, not the virus itself – is a tool of political and economic manipulation. Now that a new one has been found and is being deployed against us, the corona panic can be temporarily retired. Don’t worry, it will be brought back as soon as it’s convenient.

The Link of the Day

Courtesy of reader El, here is a great article about the motivations of the perennially disaffected among us:

People who don’t want the dreary inconvenience of adult obligations can actively (if unconsciously) look for reasons to reject their society’s legitimacy, and so break from its associated responsibilities. All societies are unjust, so this isn’t a difficult task in principle – particularly in WEIRD societies that give their citizens a lot of personal freedom and latitude to question the rules.

This is one tiny quote. It’s a beautifully written, talented long piece. Please read and share.