A New Day

Instead of googling daily numbers of coronavirus deaths, we are now googling daily riot deaths.

And that’s before we see the full damage from the economic devastation both caused.

7 thoughts on “A New Day”

  1. I watched a Tucker episode and saw a footage (video) of drivers, innocent citizens driving home, being attacked inside their cars, while they were trapped in a traffic jam. Imagined my brother being attacked with pipes on his car and felt horrible.

    The commenter on this blog, who asked why conservatives are afraid of riots so much, may subconsciously assume riots only go this far, hurt ‘only’ businesses (rather than physically attacking usual people on the street) and then stop like a seasonal flu outbreak. What if they stop because frightened conservatives take steps to stop them? And without the use of force only gain in power as more and more otherwise usual people join the ranks of looters , and criminals are happy to have “commit all crimes you want” holiday?


    1. I’m thinking about the elderly people I know who are isolated in their homes because of COVID. Imagine the terror they feel, thinking that the mobs will start looting their houses and assaulting them.

      Or imagine someone driving with kids in the car and getting trapped by the well-meaning people who block the roads. Imagine the fear, having to keep the kids calm, having to sit there and wonder if an enraged mob is going to appear and drag you out.

      And since there have been no demands proffered, this won’t end until somebody ends it by force.


      1. I have never before seen or heard so many random people say they are buying their first gun. Most people are not rioting, and a lot of them are extremely concerned for their personal safety.

        Whatever the purported goals of the rioters, the actual results seem to be a huge boost for 2nd amendment advocacy and gun ownership, and a lot of fence-sitting voters swinging over to the “right” side.

        …and also, everyone just completely forgot about police brutality, and the problem of holding cops accountable for misconduct.

        So congrats, protesters, on the massive self-sabotage!


        1. It’s not humanly possible to find a person less interested in guns than me but… I’m thinking of buying a gun. I don’t see much interest from the authorities to protect the law-abiding citizens. I’m seeing the media egging on and justifying the rioters. What else is one supposed to do?


          1. I was literally chatting yesterday with a dear friend who was on his way to the gun shop. He’d always kinda sorta meant to get one, but never got around to it because it’s expensive, and there’s paperwork, and reasons… but recent events just made “someday” into “right now”.

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