The Worst Hoax So Far

I very very highly recommend everybody watch the segment on Tucker tonight where he narrates all 10 cases of unarmed black people killed by police last year.

I really urge people to watch. Tucker got these cases from the Washington Post database, so it’s definitely not information that skews to the right.

In 5 of these 10 deaths, the officer was being attacked when the shooting occurred. Out of the remaining cases, one was ruled an accident and in two the officers were charged with a crime.

Not only is this a minuscule number of fatalities in such a large country, it’s also less than half of the people murdered in Chicago last weekend.

Curiously, in 2015 there were 38 shootings of unarmed black people.This is all according to WashPo. So it’s gone down pretty dramatically once Trump was elected. I’m obviously not saying it’s because of Trump there are fewer shootings. (Although lower unemployment definitely helps reduce violent crime). But nobody can claim there are more because of him.

So what is it that we are protesting exactly?

4 thoughts on “The Worst Hoax So Far”

  1. I expect on some level, we are protesting the loss of millions of jobs, just when things were starting to go well. Not being able to see our friends and family for 2+ months. Not having any real plan for ending it. And then being shamed for complaining about it by our social betters.

    But I’m bad at reading these things, so (shrugs) who knows?


  2. “what is it that we are protesting exactly?”

    Class solidarity? Just look at all these protests and riots and looting as the people rejecting the idea of class solidarity in favor of eternal low wage ideological warfare between groups – just like capital wants….


    1. Cliff, how does your idea of “class solidarity” look like? I understand that it does not involve looting (and I agree). But what else?


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